The Flash “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach” Review

The Flash last week threw us into our proper introduction of Bloodwork into the story. The episode also gave more weight to this personal mission of Barry’s to prepare his friends for his eventual departure. It was a great stepping point for some of the other members of Team Flash to step up, namely one Cisco Ramon. I’ve had my issues with some of his writing up to this point, but this week got me excited again because it was only a matter of time before Danny Trejo’s character would make an appearance again, and to find a Vibe-less Earth-1.

What had me taken back about this episode was the discovery that this would be more of a murder mystery. Some may be scratching their heads as to why this is would be a necessary way to spend an episode, but you also have to keep in mind that the Crisis event is almost right around the corner. There’s only so much that you can do between preparation for the event without placing too much emphasis on the event in one show. Having that in mind, I could see why they would have chosen this week to focus on something that put the spotlight on a different character. I mean let’s face either way, a week without everything centering around Barry won’t kill you. This is a character who knows how to suck the air out of a room once you get him started. At least focusing on Cisco you know that there are more possibilities to explore. Especially since his connection to these other “Breachers/Multiverse Bounty Hunters” is still technically a loose end.

With that said, it was painfully obvious who this murder mystery centered around. If Breacher himself is there and a certain other one is not, who else would the murder victim be? The good thing however is that knowing who died didn’t change the impact of the situation. This is still someone who Cisco cared about, Breacher loved, and others looked up to. Despite this being an unfortunate situation to get thrown into, there was no better way to create a challenge for Cisco’s brain. He honestly hasn’t been given nearly enough opportunities to show how this remains his strongest quality.

Being that this is a murder mystery, there had to be some big twist to this, and I loved that they went with the very last thing you expected from them. From just the way that the episode opened up, you would have easily assumed that the end was something you could figure out on your own. It was great that they led us to believe that we could find the answer early, and likely be so far away from the truth to the murder. This turned out to be one of those where it was probably better to sit back and let the characters do all the work. This led us to an endearing farewell to the character who passed away, and an introduction to the rest of the Multiverse Bounty Hunters from Earth-19. In general it is a cool concept that they have finally begun to fully flesh out. With that said, who the murderer turned out to be was a big shocker when this villain put Cisco into his most compromised position yet. There was no way Cisco was actually going to be the culprit, there’s no way they could make us believe that. Though they could hit us where it hurts most by making Cisco feel helpless when he was already down. This villain really forced Cisco to really dig deep into his bag of tricks in the end.

There was one thing which I admired most this episode, and that was the writing for Camilla. Normally when you have a show like this, they quickly fall into the trap of girlfriend who feels like she’s competing with someone else. We’ve been there and done that, so it was a breath of fresh air that she was someone who was right by Cisco’s side through all of this. Not only this, but they wasted no opportunity throughout this episode to also show that Camilla has some brains on her too. She connected dots that the others did not, said what others would not in the moment, and simply found consistency in adding some wonder to this investigation. For as much as she pushed herself into aiding Cisco, she also proved to be just as fearless. You were not going to find a damsel here.

On the other end of this episode there was Killer Frost off on her own to bring down Ramsey Rosso. This also turned out to be a big storyline that progressed the main plot of the season. Right now it shakes things up that it isn’t Barry who feels the most responsible for the big bad. It’s refreshing that Killer Frost is the one so motivated to play hero and get the job done. This was an excellent episode for her because you both knew that she had some things to work through, and was going to get close to the fire. The confrontation that she does have with Ramsey was chilling, no pun intended. Like Cisco, Killer Frost also thought outside the box to prove that there was more than one way that she knows how to handle a situation. Didn’t work to the same degree of success, but it was the baby steps in development that mattered most at the end of the day.

That aside, part of me did feel as though it may have been pushing it to also add the situation that Wells and Joe find themselves in. This could have been a part of something bigger to have its own episode for, but you still couldn’t argue with what you got out of these two. I mean, I certainly was not expecting these two characters to actually have a heart to heart and talk so much about having faith in other people. If it wasn’t for where this led to by the end of the episode which concerns the Monitor, it would have been a big waste of time, because there was only so much of the theme of faith and trust that you could shove into one hour between three storylines.

Overall, The Flash “Kiss Kiss Breach Breach” was a roller coaster of emotions for anyone who was ready for Cisco to face some bigger challenges. This story was a long time coming for Cisco, but also not like this. The best takeaway this week was the thrill of getting two villain encounters for the price of one episode. That is a week worth spent without Barry soaking up the spotlight.

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