Fire Force “We Are Family” Review

***Spoiler Review Below***

You gotta hand it to this series. Fire Force is not one of those which holds your hand with build-up and suspense. I remember it only being last week where I thought I had reservations about the kind of story they were telling about Vulcan. I mean don’t get me wrong. His introduction was awesome, as well as the reason why it would be difficult to recruit him to the 8th. However, we were also given the impression at the time that this situation with Vulcan was simply him not trusting the FDA and nothing else. Who would have thought that the answer was actually not that straightforward?

If I’m being honest, I thought this was just another case of a company being more trouble than they are worth. We know so little about Giovanni aside from the story Vulcan told us, but even then he seemed like any other captain who was willing to cross a line to get what they wanted. It was a shocker to get this revelation that Giovanni was actually working with the Evangelist. Can you believe that? Because I still can’t! Some might say that this takes away from the further investigation of the companies who need to be checked, but at the end of the day this is still accomplishing the same thing. A company that is found to be working for the enemy is worse than one that is either breaking the rules or not doing their job.

The great thing about this development is that no matter how it ends, we do walk away from this episode in particular knowing exactly what will motivate Vulcan to join the 8th. His motivation is pretty much going to be the same as Waka from the 7th. Only difference being a drive that might be more personal considering all that Vulcan has already lost to the Evangelist and the White Clad.

With that said, what I continue to admire about the writing for Vulcan himself is the idea that a guy who looks like him couldn’t be the most intimidating in the room. There’s something to appreciate about a character who forces you to pay more attention to their personality and words more than their actions.

Now seeing some of the imagery ahead of time, I at least knew that a battle as going to break out in this episode. Little did I also know that this was also going to be an action scene where it was all Arthur. At first I wasn’t too confident that they could pull this off with a character like Arthur, but they really did when his time came. They certainly proved to us that he is not a firesoldier underestimate, because honestly it can be easy when he uses a sword and nothing else. This was as well the best time to give all of us a better understanding of how his powers work. It was an explanation that catches you off guard too for the fact that its rare when someone’s state of mind influences the amount of firepower they control. This created what was probably one of the most humorous episodes at the same time. You think that you have reached the depths to Arthur’s idiocy, and then they show us that we haven’t seen anything yet. Not when he can be so easily tricked into believing he looks as knightly as he thinks he does.

This episode was just a whole lot of “Can’t Even” in the end. You find yourself saying this about the huge twist to Giovanni, and you definitely said this a few times to Arthur’s brand of heroics. I thought Arthur was a joke at the start of the series, and he still is, though right now he is a joke that you can’t help but love. They struck a perfect balance between Fire Force “We Are Family” is a rollercoaster of emotions that hits you with excellent pacing and intensity from start to finish.

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