Titans “Fallen” Review

When it came to this season of Titans, there was a difference between bracing yourself for the parting ways of these characters, the actual moment coming, and everything to follow that disaster. Once we got around to everything which follows them parting ways, it was hard to find too much interest in what you know is only a temporary situation before they are all forced to come together by the end. The difference here of course is that you have plenty of these guys fairly out of reach. It would have to be one heck of a development for the need for everyone to join up so conveniently.

With that said, till that point, here we are with a focus on a few of them who seem to have lost their way. Well in the case of Rachel, it seems like she was looking to actually find a purpose. While surely enough they gave us the impression that she would go through the next stages in controlling her powers, clearly that is not going to be in the forecast too soon. Right now it seems like they still want to take the time to show her that there is even less control than she thinks. It’s an odd direction they are going with because all of this is inevitably going to lead Rachel back to the Titans simply on the basis that she is more of a danger to people outside of the team than she is to them. You may or may not have been able to overlook current decisions this episode considering Rachel is seen being the only one trying to do some good instead of turning her back on everyone. It’s not a perfect attempt, but it made a difference to see what kind of reaction she can get from people who don’t run when her power is unleashed.

Technically you could say that Gar didn’t turn his back on anyone, but staying in the Tower as long as he has? You’re not getting much out of him aside from what he gets himself into. And that’s exactly what he brought upon himself after failing to keep a leash on Conner. I had my problems with them putting these two characters together, but they did begin to remedy this through finding common ground between them. Not to mention addressing the fact that there was definitely a lack of understanding in what it means for someone like Conner to carry a darkness within him. You’d think that someone like Gar might grasp what that means by now, but clearly he did not.

One perk from their time together is bringing CADMUS to their doortstep. It was welcomed to dive further into what this organization is. Some might say that Supergirl already did that for us, but all that show ever really did was throw Supergirl into all of their hidden bases. Never was there an opportunity to actually take us to their main headquarters to see more of what makes these people tick. Mercy Graves served as the perfect example of what it looks like when they want something from someone and have to think outside the box. This is obviously not to say that they didn’t do the predictable thing and take Gar and Conner on with expendable soldiers. That scene was only really worth it for the action that we were certainly lacking from Gar.

Now that just leaves us with one Dick Grayson who probably has the most troublesome storyline out of the bunch. I say this only because his personality turned back to dry so quick once everything fell apart. Went back to the guy who couldn’t help being a douche to just about everybody, being the guy who made all his words strike like nails, and the guy who just doesn’t know how to pull his punches when he gets into a fight. With that said? It was hard to not at least sit there and wait for crap to hit the fan. There’s two things you know about Dick. One is that trouble will find him somehow, and the other is that he makes it look all too easy making an enemy out of people. Not hard when you’re in a prison, but you would expect someone like him to at least try keeping his head down. with that in mind, you do want to see how this ends for Dick, because one does not simply escape from prison and not have some blowback from it.

At the end of the day, Titans “Fallen” is by no means the best episode we have gotten out of this season, though neither is it the worst. There was standout character moments where it counted most. Where it counts most in this last stretch of the second season will be the way in which they bring the heroes back together.

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