Dr. Stone “To Modernity” Review

***Spoiler Warning***

The title of this episode really got me excited. With a series like this, and with a main character like Senku, “To Modernity” can mean A LOT of things! This could mean Senku finally getting around to the closest version of a gun, maybe bombs, or something that would make Tsukasa’s army quake in their boots. Then again it could have meant something not so simple at all, because this is the kind of story where surprises come around every corner. You never know what they are going to do until that time comes.

With the first stone cast last week, the Stone Wars have begun! I loved how quick they were to jump right into what happens when Tsukasa’s army begins making their move. It’s not as if they knew Senku would be here and alive, yet here they are facing down the culmination of half a year’s worth of time getting somewhere technically sufficient enough to combat primitive minds.This episode picked up right where the last one ended, and it was thrill to watch this guy who should have easily been able to slaughter these villagers disarmed. Even better that the battle didn’t end there. As most of us saw from the preview, Hyoga didn’t jump into that battle unprepared for the unexpected. He brought some of that with him as well. I mean, it stung to see this village so quickly burned down by one person, though it was what came after which mattered a bit more. That being how the village let their survival instincts kick in between knowing who to protect, where to hold their ground, and how to keep themselves from falling into a trap. We also knew that Suika would be one of those to dare being bold, and it was a memorable move she made. It made a big difference to see how things discovered in the past came into play to save them.

Now given recent events, it was hard to argue with the time that they put into showing what led to the awakening of Hyoga. There’s not too much that we get to know about him aside from his physical prowess in contrast to everyone else, but for now it was just good to understand what was going through Tsukasa’s mind at that time.

This actually served as the perfect entry into exploring the Kingdom which Tsukasa put together after all this time he had himself to begin building his new world. I was surprised by how much progress he made on his end. They had structures, they had order to the roles everyone fit into, and they clearly thrived off of living close to nature. Throughout this big monologue of his, it was hard to ignore the change in personality he took on as well. Seeing this through the perspective of someone like Gen helped with the engagement considering you would have to either feel threatened by his determination or admiration for how much he believes in this vision of his. Whether you agreed or disagreed with Tsukasa, they didn’t let him drone on without making some decent points. Credit where it is due that they do not shy away from opportunities to show where our world in the modern age is flawed.

It took some time to actually get around to this conversation of modernity, but it was worth the wait by the end of the episode. Senku was right when he said that long-distance communications is one of the most powerful weapons ever invented. This was the very last thing that I thought he would do, and I ended up glad that he went for something so bold. Medicine was one thing, but here he is finally ready to begin breaking the barriers between stone age and modern age tech. The Ishigami may not have the manpower or the numbers, but if you gave them a proper way to communicate with one another? The would unarguably be a force to be reckoned with. They already proved the proficiency in teamwork as they fought off Hyoga.

Dr. Stone “To Modernity” was another thrilling chapter which indeed took this Stone World to the next level. In fact it actually took this war to the next level before it even began. If this is already what it looks like with two sides barely prepared for the other? Imagine what we will get when both sides are genuinely playing for keeps with all cards on the table!

Now like most viewers are saying, and as I said last week, I do hope they don’t make us wait too long to see Taiju and Yuzuriha. This reunion has been a long time coming, and they gotta make this count given the plan Senku is ready to put into action!

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