My Hero Academia “Fighting Fate” Review

I’m just going to say it how it is, it’s too damn early to already have delays for these episodes. I felt the same fire as some other fans when the day came for this new episode to air and then suddenly finding out that we have to wait a whole other week to see what came next for Midoriya. If they got a pass this time around, then it was because nothing huge was happening that they kept us dying for. This was an important time for Midoriya, but nothing that you would call a milestone.

With that said, it was still a big moment for Midoriya and Lemillion to have their first encounter with Overhaul. Unless you were someone who read the manga, this scene hits you completely out of the blue when you would never expect for them to make introductions this fast. While you knew that nothing significant was about to unfold between them,this didn’t change the fact that just about anything could have happened to either jeopardize their investigation or paint a new target on Midoriya’s back. At the same time it made a big difference that both sides could get an understanding of what they were dealing with. Not enough so that they were showing each other’s hands right away, though enough so that the line was drawn between hero and villain. Aside from this, I did enjoy the simple fact that Midoriya and Lemillion could patrol together. These are two characters who should work so well together, and hopefully do given enough time working alongside each other.

How that moment played out was also important because this was our time to also see how crucial an investigation like this is for someone like Night Eye. When he doesn’t have the kind of quirk as say All Might or Endeavor, it mattered to see how someone like him approaches doing his work. While on the subject of Night Eye, I appreciated that they also took the time to fully address the scope of his quirk. For all that we already knew about his quirk from the way he boasted about it, there was still one more detail that really showed us how strong this power could be when used to the fullest potential.

The other thing we had to look forward to was Midoriya finally confronting All Might about the things he still managed to keep to himself despite everything that these two have been through up to this point. It was a heartbreaking scene when you understood the reason why he kept certain decisions he made to himself, though at the same time you got why feeling left out could make Midoriya hurt the way he did. This is a sensitive stage for him as a hero. One where he needs as much support as he can get, and already he has been challenged from different sides which has put him into conflict with himself. This was that time for All Might to really do something right that would ease his mind and help reestablish some of the drive lost.

Of everything which unfolded in this episode, the best takeaway was seeing that there was still something to do with All Might. When he lost his power, it was hard to say that there was anything left that he could offer outside of advising, and even then he never truly did a great job of that. This week they proved to us that there is still something to look forward to with this guy down the road. It was a twist you didn’t see coming, but it was one that at the very least set the record straight that his work was not done yet.

All in all, it was worth the wait to get a lot of the set-up which “Fighting Fate” gave us. All Might gave everyone proper insight into what led to giving Midoriya the power of One For All, what led to his split from Night Eye, and what grim future awaits the man who once was the world’s symbol of peace.

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