Review: Far Sector #1

Of many books which came out this year, Far Sector just so happened to be one of my most anticipated. Off the bat of course because this was yet another diverse hero which DC has created. And the other because the idea for this book sounded intriguing. I mean, surely enough there will be those readers who dismiss this because they are adding yet another Green Lantern who turns out to be human, but that should never matter as long as the characters are written well. Something told me that N.K. Jemisin was the kind of writer who could do just that.

The other thing which quickly grabbed my attention is the fact that this is a Green Lantern story on top of one that is also a murder mystery. I got Valerian vibes from this one, except you know? This actually had a chance of being great. For a first issue, I found it very welcoming to this slice of the universe which newly chosen Green Lantern Sojourner ‘Jo’ Mullein resides in. With a book like this, there was never really much worry about what would create a challenge in understanding. Jo is a new Lantern, this world is fairly new to her, as well as this situation which they have all been put into. Once you have these things in mind, everything else is easy enough to pick up as the first issue begins laying the foundation for the murder mystery to unfold.

Speaking of this being a murder mystery, we pretty much got to know Jo through her experience with City Enduring coming to terms with this development where 500 years of peace is broken by their first death. I wondered what would require the need for a Green Lantern, but the answer to that came fast once we understood what they really meant by 500 years without having to deal with violent crime or murder. Your feelings about this is pretty much in line with Jo because she is someone from Earth. As we know, all those things are a part of life for better or for worse. To step into a new world where they don’t know how to handle that is going to stir some feelings. This is where we were able to see what separates Jo from any other Green Lantern who has already been established in the DC Universe. This of course jumps out at you almost immediately. Even for someone new, you notice how professional she can be, which is different from the others who tend to let their strong personalities slip through. Cuts straight to the point when she has something to say, and really doesn’t have the time for anything less than cooperation.

As far as new Lanterns go, it was clever how they also chose her sector to be one so far away that you wouldn’t question why she didn’t start off crossing paths with others familiar. This first issue will make you wonder where she came from, but it is always best with a first issue that you don’t spend too much time giving everything away. Being that this is a murder mystery at the core, it only benefits that everything we learn and discover is earned through progression.

One of the big sells for me on this book was also knowing that Naomi artist Jamal Campbell would be working on the interiors and covers. His worked with Naomi impressed me, so I had no doubts that he could pull off the same quality work with Far Sector. From the second you flip to that first page his renderings instantly immerse you into the City Enduring. You of course take in the level of realism that he is able to bring to his characters, though at the same time you marvel at the detail that he really put into the settings. Did not skip a beat from the streets to the artificial atmosphere above them. Now when it came to Jo herself, I admired how he wasted no opportunity to show the creative ways in which she uses her ring. She does a lot more practical things, and that is something you should want to see more of when an investigation would call for more precision than blasting. With that said, the character design of the inhabitants of City Enduring is also worth recognition because these were races you’ve never seen before. Campbell dug deep for creations you would not find anywhere else.

Beyond this, the lettering was also standout. Deron Bennett went above and beyond to make Jo’s voice her own, and the transparent box wasn’t a bad choice either.

Far Sector #1 so far gives us one of our most unique spins to the legacy of the Green Lanterns. Sometimes it all really comes down to how you introduce these heroes. Jo isn’t your average Green Lantern, this isn’t your average murder investigation, and it seems that even Jo being here has some mystery to it for us to unravel. After this debut issue, I anticipate the kind of story this creative team will be able to tell that other Lantern teams could not in the main publication.

Far Sector #1




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