Review: Triage #3

We’ve only been two issues into this series, and already this is quite the immersive experience through the idea that so many versions of the same person could exist with such drastic contrasts to each other in every universe. The first issue focused on the life of Evie, the second took us through an explanation of the superhero world of Orbit. After that? I couldn’t help but look forward to seeing what kind of world Marco came from.

Now these three in particular have been a trip for the way they met, how they engaged with one another, and how they were hit with the reality that what they were facing was not an enemy they could take down in one fight. That first part we actually jump into this next issue still finding out the hard way. The thrill and chill from this scene quickly set back in when seeing that not even one as strong as Orbit was having much of an impact against the Hunter. What I enjoyed overall was that Sevy didn’t milk this out much. Of course with this only being five issues, you want to get the action in where you can. Everything moved fast from one hit into the next, all to get these four to the point where it was time to get out of dodge and figure out what to do next.

As I said above, the main attraction for this issue is getting to know Marco and the desert homeworld she comes from. Even if you weren’t prepared for her story to come next, the cover to this issue pretty much gave away what you should expect at the core of this chapter. That said, it was interesting how with a change of setting you could also see Marco take on a stronger sense of leadership given their recent disaster. It was hard to argue with this you would have to assume that one of these ladies would have a stronger voice than the rest. The exploration of her outpost created a lot of much-needed insight into the life she lived. There was unique qualities to the way she lived as well which made it easier to see this as more than what was initially assumed to be a post-apocalyptic world.

Evie having to tend to Marco’s pregnant partner’s delivery was some way of making her useful in the moment. Where there is combat everywhere they turn, there had to be somewhere where Evie could be more in her element. For the direction of this chapter it worked for the fact that she needed to have her eyes opened to her from the perspective of someone else who wasn’t all too capable of being in the action. The big question since the first issue has always been where a nurse fits into all of this, and it is good that this question still knocks on her door. That’s not to say the question doesn’t hit pretty hard by the end of this issue, because it really does.

With this being the third issue, I have to also point out how well a character like Tab is written. Normally in a story like this, a character like her might be considered an obstacle for everyone. That one character who is thrown in into the middle of the madness, but instead of being the one who everyone consistently needs to save, she keeps finding ways to help give these three a fighting chance. Plus, in most cases you would also call a character like Tab the “unremarkable”, but right now it is safe to say that she might actually be more in her element than Evie. Especially after the story that Sevy was also able to tell for Tab. I welcomed be opened up to who she actually was, which was much more than what we were seeing in the beginning.

The interior work for this issue was stunning. For what little of the action scene that we got at the start of the issue, it was exciting for the fact that Sevy jumped back into it with intensity and pacing. Every action cut from one into the next. Every hit had impact between the Hunter and Orbit who you would have assumed was a powerhouse until they ran into this monstrosity. From there, the sense of immersion sank in quickly when opened up to the visual setting of Marco’s desert homeworld. For being barren, it still looked captivating just from the choice in color. Now being that this issue was also their time to regroup, there was a lot more character focus than from the issues before. It went a long way to see how expressive he could get these characters to be. The ones who still had some things to accept about themselves, figure out about themselves, while at the same time indulging in their more basic impulses. You read all of that through their facial expressions, body language, etc.

Overall, Triage #3 gives us a lot to digest. After that intense action scene in the beginning, the majority of this issue made use of the space given for strong character moments and development across the board. There was not a single character from this cast by the end who we didn’t get to understand in a new way.

Triage #3




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