Review: Immortal Hulk #27

Now I’m not going to lie. I had my reservations about this direction the story had taken for the Immortal Hulk. This is as bold and ambitious as it gets for Hulk, Banner, and everyone else on Team Gamma. I mean, is it really possible to wage war against the world? Haven’t we already been down this road before? That’s the answers we are looking to get out of this. So far they are definitely on the right track with Banner and Hulk deciding that the first example to make should be out of Roxxon.

What I appreciated most about this part of the story is how we are now looking at Roxxon in a new light. This is a corporation that gets its kicks out of breaking the rules and never taking responsibility for their actions. Dario Agger right now fully embracing his other half now makes the statement that it doesn’t matter what the world sees him as when he has already gone as far as to betray the Earth and still stand unchallenged for it. While a lot of his ramblings in this issue was just a continuation of what he started from the issue previous, there was more to take from him this time around as well. His confidence stood out, the fear he is now able to put into anyone who isn’t on board with his choices too.

There was one thing which caught me off guard, and that was how Hulk decided to take on Roxxon in this first assault. This turned out better than what I initially assumed was going to be the opening act. Hulk could have easily jumped right in doing the mindless thing, but this was the time to show where things could be different with a plan in mind. Now while acknowledging the confidence of Dario, the same could also be said for Hulk. What sticks with you from this issue is seeing how confidence can also lead to new developments for this duo. For as powerful as the Hulk is, we have already seen from this run how many vulnerabilities he still has. There was no better time than now for them to address these limitations, and begin breaking them down. The twist we get by the end of this issue? That shook things up in the best of ways.This will now be a war where we truly have to expect the unexpected.

After an issue like this, it is painful counting down the issues till we will unfortunately have a new penciler. It’s a tough pill to swallow imagining what the interior work for this book could look like without Joe Bennett the surreal visual of horror brought to life through these pages. The story is stunning, but this is one of those books where the art tells just as much of a story. A book where the art is one of the defining traits of success. Issues like this also reminded us of this because this art team embraced the chaos in monsters going at it. Immortal Hulk #27 is the start of something spectacular when this is now a world where monsters rule. To fight a monster, you need a monster. To see this understood through Dario Agger was brilliant too. This is the first time we have ever seen him in his Minotaur form and so comfortable in it. I loved the way Bennett drew him as well for the fact that Dario walked that line perfectly between beast and CEO. They had no problem giving him the nasty teeth, always showing his teeth, and the cold stare from eyes that are simply dark. What I admired most about the way Dario was drawn had to be the coloring which really laid into the natural colors of an animal. Even the hints of discoloration which makes him look more organic.

The Hulk makes his first move, and Immortal Hulk #27 succeeds in creating excitement for what will come now that Team Gamma has gotten the attention of The Minotaur. Its one thing to come after Roxxon, but it is another thing entirely to actually get away with hurting them. For as much bravado as Agger has picked up after accepting his true form as The Minotaur, what comes next should be him putting his money where his mouth is when the time arrives to take action.

Immortal Hulk #27




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