Titans “Faux-Hawk” Review

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Despite the slump that we knew this season was going to have, this week last week’s episode of Titans marked the point where things would once more pick up. Dick found his new motivation to continue being a hero, we discover that Jericho is alive inside of his own father, CADMUS gets very hands on with their experimentation of Gar, and then the rest of the Titans find learn from a surprising source that this is not the kind of family they can simply walk away from when things fall apart. I know what you’re thinking, this is a lot to take in. It is, but at the same time all of this connects to one converging point that this episode should begin bridging them towards.

Now let’s start with Dick and Slade. This was an awesome development to see that Jericho did in fact manage to store himself away in his father at the last minute. I’m sure that a lot of us saw this coming, so it mattered that the execution of that scene was on point. Which it was for the fact that we did see what it looks like for two people to struggle for control in the same body. It was clever that they also did this through Rose revealing her secret to Jason after being too overcome with guilt. This knocked out two birds with one stone because everything began to make sense from that point into what led to Rose getting tangled up with this revenge mission. For someone like me there was definitely questions about when her inclusion took place, and this gave us everything we needed to know about that missing time. As the pictures showed, this revelation as well came with the visual of Rose in her actual costume. That I have to say was brilliantly put together. I didn’t know which suit I admired more between hers and Dick’s. Both were some of the best work they have put into character designs outside of Deathstroke.

With that said, it was cool that they used the time for Dick to find verification on this and receive the push he needed to slip back into the role of the hero.There was a fast pace to all of this, but honestly it was necessary when I think at this point we all just want to see the guy in his Nightwing suit, being a legitimate hero finally, and having the real fight with Deathstroke that we have waited for since his confession about the past confrontation. This of course brings me to the creation of the suit. It was a worthwhile scene because for someone like Dick, it would take a special connection to pull off something like that. You don’t simply make suits like this yourself unless that good with your hands.

Nothing was too eventful with Kory and Rachel, but I was glad that they had a moment between them addressing what has been troubling Kory about her powers. I had my reservations about the boldness to mess with her powers so close to the end of the season, but it puts you at ease by the end of the episode knowing that they are doing this for the sake of adding layers to the understanding of her powers. For as much as sunlight influences her power levels, the same can be said for her emotional and mental stability. It continues to make a difference as well that someone else who shares the same limitations on their powers is there to connect with her.

Being that this episode is called “Faux-Hawk”, we would of course see what it looks like when Hank really loses his way. We knew he was going down a path of self-destruction like Dick, but the only question was what form that would take. While it was sad to see what that actually looked like for Hank, I enjoy that they took a more entertaining approach over what for half the time was dry with Dick. What made this fun with Hank was seeing what could come of him giving in to his darker impulses. He loves a good fight, and it goes without saying that he probably has no problem being in the spotlight. Especially when he is under the influence of some drugs. The series of fights he went through were definitely the highlight. Great choreography which showcases his balance between power and technicality in combat. It helped that he could also see where he struggles as someone who took on more damage than most of the other Titans over the years.

What I appreciated more than anything else about the direction they took Hank was that nothing was as it seemed from first impressions. You would have assumed that Dawn would play a big part in him getting over this hurdle he’s facing, but it went a long way to see that he could find his own experience to acknowledge where he had lost his way. I would say that the best takeaway was seeing how the public held a perspective over him.

It’s hard to believe that after Titans “Faux-Hawk”, there is only one episode left in this second season. This one came and went so fast. Surely enough there will be some viewers out there disappointed that we are going another season without getting the actual formation of the Titans, but you can’t deny the many improvements this season made to the young hero experience with these guys. Overall, “Faux-Hawk” got us right where we needed to be for the finale when we do see where everyone will cross paths for what will be do or die to save one another from the threat that is Deathstroke.

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