Dr. Stone “Spartan Crafts Clubs” Review

***Spoiler Warning***

Dr. Stone “The Age of Energy” was full of entertainment and progress. They weren’t playing games with this next endeavor. Again, this could have turned into a lot of things more battle-worthy, but the first steps taken towards creating the phone changes their simplistic lives in so many ways. The hope for this week’s episode was to see how they would begin taking full advantage of everything else this age of energy will now have to offer.

The water wheel was indeed a big thing. When you saw that glow in Senku’s eyes, it was understandable because this changed everything about what they were now capable of. In a world like this, and with the time they were running on before a war, there was no better time than now for them to take a leap towards work which required much less physical labor than what was initially demanded from them. What came next for Senku was quite brilliant for the fact that there was actually still some things to do with the wheel that made the statement that there is no such thing as perfected right now. From there it was creative how they began using this wheel to improve on other creations, while making the rest obsolete in the process. That by the end of the episode this would lead to the light bulb was pretty awesome. To even just get one light bulb going is one heck of an accomplishment in a Stone World.

With each passing issue I find myself shocked at how they have made the dynamic between Chrome and the Craftsman so fun in contrast to what was originally Senku and Chrome. This works so much better for the fact that Chrome and the Craftsman carry so much enthusiasm towards building and running along with Senku’s new plans. The water wheel was a big accomplishment for them, but the big thing from there was seeing how they would push forward with that momentum. I actually got a good laugh out of seeing them fighting with the need to do more versus their need to catch a break after doing so much already. Now this also isn’t to say that you couldn’t say that Suika shares the same enthusiasm towards helping out. However, the difference will always be that these two are builders, while Suika is strictly support as someone who tends to be able to do the things other people couldn’t because they only fit into a single role.

The best takeaway from this episode was seeing that with every step forward that this Kingdom of Science takes, the challenges are going to be even greater. For someone like me, it is easy to get used to Senku and company being able to jump from one success into the next. However, sometimes you need a breath of fresh air that is seeing what happens when Senku hits a wall. What kind of person does he turn into when he isn’t able to do his best work? The answer to that was quite surprising because normally at a time like this is when they start showing the cracks in a character like him. I appreciated that they didn’t go down that route, but instead kept things endearing. Especially when it came to the way that they overcame this hurdle. It goes without saying that finding a solution can also be satisfying when other characters create that room for him to see something that he wasn’t able to before.

What I also managed to admire most about the writing for this episode was the way that they kept this on a proper timeline. When you think of a Stone World, its easy to assume that they don’t follow a calendar anymore. It goes a long way to acknowledge that these people can appreciate what days like Christmas and New Years represent. Particularly when at the end of the day the beauty is what comes of the people coming together to celebrate something.

Aside from this, visually I love the way that each episode tries to have fun with the effects which clash with a Stone World. For this week’s episode that just so happened to be turning choosing a team to search a cave into what it looks like when selecting characters on a selection screen when playing a video game. Things like that catch you off guard in the best of ways.

All in all we got our fix of wonders and endearment through this week’s Dr. Stone. “Spartan Crafts Clubs” proved to us that right now the sky is the limit for what they can now produce. Particularly when a Stone World gives these guys the opportunity to rely on natural resources you would never think of seeing so valuable. Even if the end destination is the cell phone, there is no denying that every step along the way matters just as much in the longrun.

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