Fire Force “The Secrets of Pyrokinesis” Review

***Spoiler Review Below***

Progress is the name of the game with With the conclusion to Fire Force “Black and White and Gray”. One could say that they are moving very fast, but I deeply appreciate any anime or manga series that doesn’t try to steal your time with filler or things which keep us from being fully immersed in the main story. So with that said, I looked forward to what would come next for Company 8 now that they have acquired their engineer and research team.

What came next was a wise choice in direction because after everything that has happened in such a short amount of time, this was the best time for everyone to come together and discuss what they are now able to put together about this growing situation. They know who the Evangelist is after, for the most part what the Evangelist is looking for from the people who they turn into Infernals, and they know the kind of danger that these people pose to them at their current level. There’s a lot more to it than that obviously, but I do think that sums things up fair enough. In general, I just liked being able to sit back and see these leaders from the good companies coming together and on the same terms. It was a serious conversation they had, but it was also humorous because more than ever we were able to see how they are so different from one another. Surely enough there will be some who want to see what some of the other companies have to offer, but for now I think they are doing a fine job with just these four who are able to interact with one another without hostility.

Speaking of companies. Following the addition of Vulcan, it was great to see just how quickly things could begin changing with his involvement around the station. He made himself a home, began showing influence over some of the others, and the best thing was seeing what kind of support he could begin creating towards fighting in new ways.

For this episode being titled “The Secrets of Pyrokinesis”, it was fascinating to see what would come of this. Particularly since this was mostly dealing with the training which Shinra and Arthur accepted from Waka. This was exactly what I was waiting for from these two since the first fight they each experienced. It goes without saying that as awesome as their abilities are, there always seemed like there should have been much more to what they can do. This isn’t to say that I haven’t been singing the praises of what Shinra has consistently proved capable of with each passing week, but when you look at those who are much more seasoned? He could do a lot better to meet the hype of someone who has the Adolla Burst.

What I appreciated most about the training was seeing how in turn this was furthering our connection to a character like Waka. Even when we saw him breaking out of his shell during the White Clad assault on his town, he still had ways to go as someone who was easing into the role of a proper leader. There was no better time than now to show what kind of leader he could be by actually taking someone under his wing to improve their powers. At the same time it went a long way to show what kind of person he turns into when people entertain him with a good fight.

There was only one thing which I felt unsure of by the end of the episode, and that was the relationship between Litch and Joker. While we see these two together now, this isn’t the first time we have seen an interaction from them. They try to build-up this mystery around what they have going on, and its something that for the most part you could figure out yourself. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want them to dig deeper into the main objective of their mission. Because it should be very interesting to see where this third-party will fit into a war that is already unfolding. Not to mention one which doesn’t fully acknowledge their participation yet. I’m just glad that for now we do have characters like Hinaba who holds onto her suspicions.

Overall, Fire Force “The Secrets of Pyrokinesis” sends us into the next phase of this story and continues nailing the kind of pacing and momentum that keeps you coming back for a series like this. Whether it is plot progression, character development, or just taking advantage of the stunning animations they do have. Each passing week reminds you of what you’re investing in.

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