My Hero Academia “An Unpleasant Talk” Review

***Spoilers Below***

Last week’s episode of My Hero Academia was a huge surprised. Never would have thought an episode primarily focusing on a character like Kirishima would have turned out so awesome! His quirk is much better than you would have previously assumed if you’re someone like me who primarily follows the anime. Either way, it was an excellent character focused episode which also thrust us right into one of the more significant elements of this storyline.

This meeting of heroes was something I was very much looking forward to because this was the moment where they were genuinely solidifying the importance of this investigation. We knew what they were getting around to, but it was a big build-up to that point that they had us strapped in for. The beginning was fun because no one was really expecting to meet up like this. Not through their work-study, or for something as important as they were all going to discover. I think the progression of the meeting for the most part came organically. It made sense that some would struggle at first to draw the same conclusions as Nighteye or anyone who discovered what was really going on behind the scenes. It made even more sense that everyone would find themselves hit with the same horror in coming to terms with what it means to be exposed to a weapon that can actually destroy quirks. It went a long way for these heroes to also come to terms with what made their roles important compared to someone who is more noteworthy.

The great thing about the meeting was the way it changed everyone’s perspective by the end. Especially those who were involved deeper in what is unfolding. For Midoriya and Mirio, it mattered for them to be hit with the realization of what they could have stopped if things went differently when they first ran into Eri. While this was an important moment for Midoriya, I found this a bit more exciting as someone who wants to see more from Mirio. He tends to be portrayed as the guy who can’t be beaten, but here he is feeling defeated by choice. This was a great time to pump him with some seriousness.

What I appreciated more than anything about this growing investigation so far is the way that it has introduced us to so many new characters. For something like this you would expect that all the pro heroes would be called in, but it was hard to argue with the opportunity to get to know all of these others who also exist on a smaller scale. Some of them we’ve seen before, others were completely new. They all had some interesting designs going for them too. This was a great time to show that in this hero world, there is more to the importance of these heroes than simply being in the top ten or popular. Sometimes your usefulness can be as simple as knowing a territory better than most other. Not to mention being someone who isn’t stuck in the mentality where your standing dictates your ability to work with others.

With that said, the only thing that did have me feeling reservations at times was the way that a couple of heroes had to interact with each other. Sometimes it can be too much of a cliche where characters get into arguments where they are saying a lot, but really saying nothing at all. That was some of these heroes when they were trying to create tension over what it is they were being called to do. This created more roundabout arguing than necessary. I get that some heroes will want to handle things a certain way, but at the same time there could be a way for them to go about it where we want to see more of them, rather than less.

There wasn’t too much to this episode of My Hero Academia aside from this “Unpleasant Talk”, but it was a talk that needed to be had. Everything we got out of this meeting of heroes involved set the tone for everything else that is now going to follow them taking a more serious approach towards Overhaul’s plotting.

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