Review: Angel #7

Part two of the tie-in adventures continue! While Angel and Buffy take on their inner demons beyond the Hellmouth, everyone else is out here is handling the demons which now do more than just bump in the night. This was a great time to get to know Fred and Gunn when they have a better understanding of what world they have been opened up to. I mean, it was pretty awesome that one of the first problems Fred and Gunn would have to deal with was Wolfram & Hart. Never does it not satisfy getting appearances of the characters we once knew, and in a new way too.

Things got interesting in this second chapter. You have Fred among a troublesome crowd, and then you have Gunn and Spike working together to save her from them. Now let’s start with Spike and Gunn first, because this was something which grabbed my attention the minute these two first butt heads. I’m sure that most of us love it when its Angel and Spike coming after each other verbally having such a long history, but it goes without saying that there’s much more excitement with Gunn involved since he actually knows how to keep up with someone like Spike. Where this chapter ed them was just as exciting because this took us to another fan favorite character from the tv series. This was a character we also haven’t seen in a long time from even the older Dark Horse books, so it was a refreshing experience to get to get to know said character all over again.

With that said, the further inclusion of Lilith continues to be welcomed. With Angel gone, there’s very little incentive for anyone to really do what has to be done to keep the world of the living safe. She proves that there is still those out there who understand the situation and what is at stake.

Getting to Fred’s new situation, it shook things up to see that people could be so interested in her right now. Its something to get used to, but its hard to argue with the fact that it seems like everyone has some idea as to what Fred has in store for herself in the future before she does. This creates a situation where everyone evil has it in their minds that they can try to get her on their side. It went a long way that it was even people as bold as Wolfram & Hart to pull this because you know that they know how to spin a conversation in their favor. While anyone who has encountered them before would smell their bs a mile away, it was hard to deny that this Fred we are dealing with right now is not the pushover. This made every response from her quite brilliant and brave. The only thing neither she or Gunn could ever really have on their side is the answers that everyone else seems to have about what they want the most.

For this issue in particular, it was hard to say if anything really stuck out visually. For the most part this art team kept to a consistent quality of work that didn’t require getting too flashy or stylized. Not a bad thing either since this issue is also one which is a bit more character driven than most. The best takeaway was seeing how they drew certain familiar characters. Our reunion with one was only as great as it was because we got that familiarity from the way he was drawn. Same expression, enthusiasm on his face, style in clothing, not to mention the color scheme of his skin.

Angel #7 was another worthwhile issue that proves how everything going on within the Hellmouth isn’t all that’s important. Angel left behind two pieces to a big puzzle who are out in the world and getting into their own kind of trouble. The kind which fortunately brought us to a character we haven’t seen in a LONG time.

Angel #7




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