Review: The Terrifics #22

At the start of this Terribles storyline, I was truthfully had reservations about how this would turn out. The Terrifics is one of those books which knows how to stay true to itself when tied to other stories, but this one was really out there bringing in Bizarro characters. Not to mention, I can’t stress it enough how much I despise the backwards talk. The best thing that this story has going for it, that I hoped they would keep pushing, is everything which puts this team in obscure situations. Embracing the pre-2000’s culture and entertainment last month was exciting.

Like a book such as Justice League Dark, The Terrifics also gives us a price example of what happens when the heroes find themselves steps behind the villain. Well to be specific, playing a game that began long before they knew it began. As much as we would have loved to jump into this issue seeing them find a solution to these backwards foes, this is the time where doom is supposed to reign supreme. As they said, and as we see for ourselves, The Terrifics have failed. Meaning that there are some hard times ahead. The form in which that took came quick in The Terrifics #22. This creative team pulled no punches when it came to showing us just how far Bizarro is willing to go in order to create this world where everything is primitive.

Now the crazy thing about this is what form that took. I mean, who would have thought that regression would have been taken so literally? When I saw some of the variants for this issue, I did think to myself why there would be a cover where they are drawn like kids. It was fun to see exactly why that is. It was entertaining as well that they decided to do this from the perspective of Metamorpho. They could have easily shocken Plastic Man or Phantom Girl, but that would have been too easy. It was bold to choose the one guy who this would mess with more than any of the others. His dialogue was fun too. I don’t think I ever read so many reactions from the guy that were so on the nose with what he does and what he is composed of.

What’s even crazier than the madness Bizarro unleashed in this issue? That would be the idea that you can’t guess how The Terrifics will bounce back from this failure to stop The Terribles. The events of this issue really makes you ask, could they? And I wouldn’t call that a bad thing either. It is a good feeling when you are able to jump into a story like this and simply expect the unexpected. That is when you’ll walk away surprised the most.

Aside from this, I enjoyed that this issue there wasn’t too much dialogue that forced to you adjust to the way Bizarro talked. There was a lot of dialogue from him, but not nearly enough as before which would have made your head spin if you didn’t feel up to the weirdness of it.

Speaking of The Terrifics as kids, it was damn cute to see how this art team pulled off drawing them as such. It goes without saying that when you have a team like this, they tend to do best when they are dealing with adults and things which require a decent amount of detailing. It shakes things up to think that they would try their hand at drawing these heroes as kids. It worked, and I honestly loved it because of the shape they were given and the cartoonish expressions they began to take on. I was only let down that they didn’t use this issue to do their usual stunts with Plastic Man. When in kid form, they could have given something that topped when he transformed into a chibi version of himself. Aside from this, the interior work was for the most part consistent with the same quality you would get from any of the issues previous.

It’s a bad time to be a hero. Especially a time where you still are not done with the villains who put them into a doom-filled world. After what The Terribles put The Terrifics through this month, I couldn’t imagine that things will get any better before they get worse. Better yet, before they get crazier.

The Terrifics #22




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