Dr. Stone “The Treasure” Review

***Spoiler Warning***

It was easy for anyone to think that this would be a drawn out story arc as the village prepared for the upcoming war with Tsukasa’s army, but so far we have been reassured that nothing has changed. The steps are longer, and the tasks just as grueling, but that does not change the fact that there is fun and wonder to experience as every step leads to something new.

Off the bat I loved that they jumped right into what we were all thinking. Can Magma really be trusted to help anyone other than his own ambitions? There was no bolder choice than Magma to trust to tag along with himself and Chrome as they journeyed through a cave for resources. There was also no better time than now to sort out this problem they are dealing with where Magma has to be someone trusted when the battle begins. One might think that a cave, and alone, is the worst place for this to happen. However, in actuality this was a brilliant place for it to happen too. For as dangerous as this could be, what happens when you find yourself in a situation where bigger brains prevail? We got our answer to that question, and it came at the right time for Magma to realize where his priorities needed to be.

With that said, I also found it refreshing to see things from Magma’s perspective. Its nothing new that we have seen that wide-eyed expression from everyone who is taken back by what Senku and Chrome are able to accomplish when they get the wheels turning in their brains, but Magma is the kind of guy who needs a bit more motivation to see how valuable science can really be.

At the end of the day this adventure was a learning experience for both Magma and Chrome too. One of them learned to value the things they do not understand, and the other learned not to let what they see in front of them cloud what is actually happening underneath. Two important lessons worth getting into when this should also be a period of growth for the characters who still have some way to go. I mean, it goes without saying that even for a kid like Chrome, he still gets too caught up in his own youthful energy.

I felt my heart grow by the end of this episode. Just when you think you have been struck with the most endearing moment, they prove to us that they can always dig deeper. And dig deep they did by through this village showing that they are capable of expressing their gratitude for one another. Well for one person specifically his time around. In just that short time that those three were off exploring a cave, these people pulled off something they would have never been able to accomplish on their own. You were happy for Senku, appreciative of the villagers, and happy that they are really indulging in this warm moments before things will inevitably get serious as the time approaches to spring into action.

This episode really came and went, but Dr. Stone “The Treasure” made great use of time making sure that we got something out of this experience regardless. The Science Kingdom gains new resources, they gain a powerful ally they can now trust (for now), and they have gained the admiration of the village.

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