Fire Force “Into the Nether” Review

***Spoiler Review Below***

Last week’s episode of Fore Force was a lot of what you wanted to see from the story at this stage. They were fast to jump into the set-up that this Company needed to experience in order to step up their game, but at the same time it was well-paced for the fact that everything had to do with them going through that patient process of preparations. When it came to this episode I was very interested to see what that had in store for us since this one is called “Into the Nether”.

When you read “Into the Nether”, that normally could mean a lot of things. In the case of this week’s episode, that meant the next step that Company 8 would take towards investigating the Evangelist and the White Clad. Some might say that they may be moving fast into this next action taken, but can you really argue with the sense of urgency they have towards putting a stop to things as fast as they can? Current events have already prove that nothing good comes of being a step behind. For as much as power makes a difference in a war like this, so does information and knowing as much as your enemy. If not more. This just so happens to be one of those situations where it also was important to act on even just the smallest lead that would bring these heroes closer to getting in the way of the Evangelist.

The best takeaway from this episode was at the same time getting to understand the Nether. This mattered just as much as anything else in this world because through this understanding came a bit more of a grasp of what the world used to look like before it became what it is now. Now I was personally thinking the Nether would be more sinister than what it turned out to be, though it made sense that everything scary about it would be due to the element of the unknown about what makes this world tick.

What I enjoyed about this journey into the Nether is that once more they were quick not to drag their feet with what we should expect from this investigation. By the end of this episode we know what this is all going to lead to. If they actually get to that point, then this should be something to look forward to in its entirety. If this Company is starting to look like a legitimate one, now is the best time to prove that to not only them, but us too.

With the danger which Company 8 runs into, of course the expectation would be met that there should be some action that we get out of this new chapter. For those who are fans of Maki like myself, this was  big episode. I for one have strongly believed that for some time we have not seen enough of what makes her so formidable in battle. Obviously we know what makes human versus human action a tricky situation for her, but this is quite different from fighting people who are supposed to be on the same side. So I was over the moon excited that they would finally indulge us in a real fight. They did not disappoint one bit either as Maki showed us what makes her a terrifying force as both a second generation fire user, and someone with a military background. Maki’s hits strike with intensity, and eve more so with the new addition of her weapons made for her by one Vulcan.

I was only a bit let down with what we got out of Tamaki. I get it, there is one of those kind of characters needed because this is anime. However, like I said before, she had always been written as a character who is supposed to be as important as a young upcomer like Shinra and Arthur. Right now, we are seeing too much of the humor from her constantly undressing herself by accident, and the entertainment that they are probably hoping for doesn’t stick as much as it would have with someone who strikes a better balance with it like Arthur.

Through the events of Fire Force “Into the Nether”, Company 8 plunges into their next big undertaking. I still feel like they could have waited one more week before this, but maybe between last week’s episode and this one, there was just enough time for improvements that can still catch us off guard when everyone has been put to the test. Surely enough they should too considering Sho is more directly involved in shutting this Company down before they get too ahead of themselves.

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