Review: New Mutants #2

***Spoiler Warning***

With these Dawn of X books, its good to know that each of these has something for everyone! In the case of New Mutants, that is an intergalactic joyride to meet-up with a friend they haven’t seen in a long time. There might be some readers out there worrying about the lack of connection there is to everything else unfolding, but it’s also right there in your face. From the minute they set off on this adventure, they took with them the one person who knows how to communicate with Krakoa, and during a time where communication is more important than ever.

Even with this second issue fun was still the name of the game with the New Mutants. You would think that after all the things they have fought their way out of, that the last place they would find themselves is jail. Better yet, space jail. This was a new experience that I loved for the fact that they adjusted well to this situation. They are the misfits of the bunch, but at the same time they can be the rebels. We got that through the attitude they shared as they managed their time within those four walls. From there, what grabbed your attention was the way that Carlos has been able to make use of his business skills out in space. I mean who would have thought being that rich would make some sort of difference out there? Well let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Money only gets you so far, but it goes a long way to show how prepared you can be to deal with the rules of space.

What I enjoyed most about this book is that this is another one with excellent pacing. I’m sure that a lot of us were thinking at first that they were going to milk out this journey to Cannonball as much as they could. It wasn’t hard to get that impression from where this team found themselves at the start of this issue.

Now the meeting with their friend was entertaining because it wasn’t quite how you would have pictured it in your head. One would have assumed that they would immediately spring into action to save him from something which made his stay in space difficult. Who would have imagined that he would be doing just fine? Who would have imagined that he would be the one lending the helping hand? The scene which followed was a solid catching up with him and even Smasher. That was a friendly face to see too. Especially when she has changed a lot from the last tome we saw her. Much more confidence and protective of Cannonball. Obviously it wasn’t going to end there, so I admired the approach taken towards extending the New Mutants’ stay in space. One that I hope takes us further into new situations and settings where most mutants haven’t been.

Its hard not to agree with many out there who call this gorgeous work, because it is! Out of all the Dawn of X books, you cannot deny that this one is among the most beautiful out there, and without even relying on the exotic beauty of everything that comes with involving Krakoa. The characters have energy put into them, the settings are consistently rendered, and the action pops through bold coloring. Not to mention the coloring had excellent depth to it through both highlights and varying tone work.

New Mutants #2 continues to captivate you through this experience you aren’t going to get anywhere else. Mutants in space is nothing new, but you have to give credit where it is due that not many are willing to have fun like this with it. Be a rebel, live by your own rules, make memories along the way. That is what this team is doing.

New Mutants #2




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