Titans Season Two Finale “Nightwing” Review

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It’s hard to believe that after Titans “Faux-Hawk”, there is only one episode left in this second season. This one came and went so fast. Surely enough there will be some viewers out there disappointed that we are going another season without getting the actual formation of the Titans, but you can’t deny the many improvements this season made to the young hero experience with these guys. Overall, “Faux-Hawk” got us right where we needed to be for the finale when we do see where everyone will cross paths for what will be do or die to save one another from the threat that is Deathstroke.

Now when it comes to this finale, there will definitely be some viewers out there who will say that this turned out a bit rushed. I mean, how could it not be by the end? You have Deathstroke to deal with, a mind-controlled Conner and Gar to deal with, then you have the resolution and set-up for the end of the season and the next to tackle. It goes without saying that the writers had their work cut out for them since there was no way to go about this where they weren’t going to let someone down in one way or another.

The start of this finale took us right into what came next for the fight with Deathstroke. By the look of who he had jumped first, it was clear that this was going to be something that happened before they were able to help Conner and Gar. I didn’t mind this at all despite the impression we were given at the start that Deathstroke was going to be the end all for the finale. The only way everyone was going to get back together was to get through Deathstroke first. From the minute he stepped into the scene, it was all action from start to finish. Guns out, blades out, and plenty of combat. This was undeniably one of the better fight scenes of the season that put three people together who were the most formidable in a fight. This was also the first scene where we fully saw Nightwing in costume, and that did not disappoint. Wasn’t too bulky, and left just enough room to allow for Nightwing’s agile capabilities.

With that said, just as quickly as this scene came and went did we jump into what was phase two for CADMUS. I have to admit, this is my favorite portrayal of the organization so far. This is one where a Luthor is actually managing it. Where they actually have ambitions towards making a profit, and one where they have someone on the ground who can be as terrifying as a Luthor. It made a big difference that Mercy Graves had a strong presence and knew exactly what buttons to push to get what she wanted from these young heroes. I mean, what phase two meant for Gar? That is the very definition of cold-blooded. This made it much more of an intense confrontation since obviously no one was prepared to have to pull off the impossible against a friend. She took advantage of this, and it showed through the way that Conner exploited this. His clash with just Donna alone was memorable because this was probably the height of combat that we have gotten from two people who have superhuman strength.

When it came to the handling of Conner and Gar, this was the most endearing and heartbreaking moment of the season. It was hard not to give them credit for their ability to not fully indulge us in the fight we were probably eager for. I myself was one of those who was looking for a good fight between the Titans and Conner, but it mattered much more in this moment that they showed us what it means to actually save someone rather than to get caught up in the next fight. It made a big difference that Rachel went out of her way to break through to a friend, it mattered that Dick went above and beyond to once more show that he can open his heart to someone in need of his help. In most cases the hero will simply knock some sense into the other person. So this experience was refreshing that fighting was the last thing that anyone really wanted to do. I mean, that’s not to say that anyone would be that willing to fight someone who is half Kryptonian.

There was only one thing we all kind of knew was coming, and that was that it was going to be Donna dying in this finale. The only question was how. I’m sure that by now there is probably a split in opinion over this. Some who wanted there to be more to her death, or some who are satisfied with the fact that she went out like a hero would. I sit in the boat where they did right by her. This could have happened in the most obvious way, and they chose to go for a cause which stands true to the hero she is at the core.

One thing we knew that would happen by the end of this season was getting another appearance by Bruce Wayne. I’m glad that throughout this season they stayed true to the reveal that we would be seeing more Bruce Wayne than anything else. This is the time of the young heroes, not Batman. So I could appreciate that they took advantage of what he could offer as someone who saw things from an outside perspective and for the most part understood that sometimes others have to learn things firsthand.

You should find this welcoming as much as the last scene which put the emphasis on family that you wish we could have been seeing so much more of in the past. This was of course short, but it sticks with you seeing everyone mostly together and realizing that there can be something to smile about in the end.

The Titans season two finale “Nightwing” may have gotten us hyped for Titans vs. Titans, but we walked away with much more than that thankfully. The pacing was a bit fast, but there was a lot to give us a resolution for. There was action, there was heart from these heroes, and there was solid set-up for what we should be looking forward to from the third season. I hope that moving forward they are ready to give us real heroics without too much of the drama. There is only so far you can go with these heroes you love getting in the way of what you know they can become. At the very least, it is good to know that they jumped into this project with a long-term plan in mind.

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