My Hero Academia “GO!!” Review

***Spoilers Below***

If I’m being honest, last week’s episode left me wanting a bit more from this arc. It was in fact an unpleasant talk from what these heroes were able to piece together about Overhaul’s plans. However, there was one too many points during that unpleasant talk where they could have done better to make it engaging. There was too much cliche where these heroes were arguing things for the sake or argument, or stepping over each other just to add more context to something that should have been fairly straight to the point.

The great thing is that this week’s episode began to make up for that when it came to these heroes offering more action than empty words. There’s one thing you can never take from My Hero Academia, and that is the excellent pacing that comes into play when the story is picking up momentum. I did not expect that by the end of this one we would already jump right into what happens when these heroes, police, and criminals come to a clash. The build-up to that point was perfect because they were quick to address what the students were going through as they awaited their call to action. To show us what role each of the heroes summoned had to play as they returned to their respective territories to investigate. And to give us insight on the kind of villains we are dealing with as Overhaul subtly proved to us that he is the man with the plan.

Something else that I appreciated about the build-up was the way that they focused on Mirio during these moments. Up to this point he has seemed like an unshakable individual. So it goes without saying that it is something to get used to seeing him out of his element thinking about this one girl that he feels guilty for not saving right away. Also seeing this from Night Eye’s perspective was interesting for the fact that they do not dance around the opinion he holds over this guy in contrast to Midoriya. For as much as we do want to see more of Midoriya kicking ass, it’s hard to deny the opportunity for Miro to continue getting fleshed out beyond the things seen on the surface about him.

Now getting back to Overhaul, I was impressed by the things we were able to piece together ourselves about his actions. Even as someone with a terrifying quirk, it was hard to ignore the genius of this guy who seems to be able to think steps ahead. This was always going to be easier said than done, but in just one move he created a challenge no one could have seen coming till the end of the episode. At the same time this does make you wonder if the talk about a traitor among the heroes is true. Could it be? I don’t know, but it would be cool if that is intertwined with what is now unfolding.

What turned out to be the best takeaway was the kind of process these pro heroes go through when planning a big raid. This isn’t the first one they have done in this series, but the one previous didn’t have as much time put into what goes on as the heroes prepare to knock on the door of the villains. To be specific, this episode added much more depth to what it looks like when you have to work around the red tape involved with a proper investigation. This is a rare world where heroes work very well with law enforcement. Well, those who aren’t considered vigilantes.

After two week’s of set-up, My Hero Academia “GO!!” puts us right where we need to be for things for the thrill to begin once again. Next week there is some big expectations to be met for what we have waited for a good while now. As the second raid experienced in this series, we should walk away from this one with the same memories that we got from the first that led to the big battle between All Might and All For One.

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