Review: Collapser #6

Hard to believe that here we are at the last issue of Collapser. For such an entertaining twist on the responsibility that comes with power, I do hope that this isn’t the last that we have seen of this series. Especially with what has been set-up through the events of these six issues. This is a book which up to this point captivated us with the terrors of dealing with a sentient black hole, and the horrors of diving headfirst into the unknown.

At the point where this finale picks up, quickly we were thrown back into the madness we were not ready for as out of nowhere Liam’s father makes his entrance back into the world. This twist I loved because it was so easy to forget the fact that Liam’s father never died. The devil is in the details, and this creative team had their fun with those of us who did not pick up on every little thing they explained about this black hole’s origins. With that said, it was crazy to see how much could change once Leon stepped into the scene. It was in that very moment that we were hit with the true reality-check that there is so much we don’t understand about what this black hole makes the host capable of.

The great thing about this issue was that everything became clear by the end. From the start of this last stretch we came to understand why this hunter was after Liam and anyone with the black hole inside of them. We understood what really brought the black hole to Liam of all people after the death of his mother. Then there was even the filling in on what role these little creatures have had to play as they consistently remained doing something in the background each issue. Heck, it even made a big difference that Liam could be seen accepting of who he is and what piece of himself he lost when he chose power over everything else real in his life.

As far as takeaways go? The best was journeying with Liam to a point where he knows what responsibility looks like. The kind where you simply do the right thing, because it’s the right thing to do. This led him to the big confrontation that we were awaiting since the start of this issue. The execution was on point for the way that even at the very end they did not forget the things which Liam fought since the first issue. That being his crippling anxiety. I loved that when it mattered the most he could learn to conquer this the correct way, like most of us would if we were in his position.

With this issue the art team once more had fun with it and delivered quite the visual experience to this last act. Ilias Kyriazis and Cris Peter went wild with this one and what could come of a world turned upside down at the whim of Leon. His mastery was in your face with the way he weaved the darkness of the black hole in his chest. I mean, the black hole effect never got dull once because they consistently found new ways to incorporate it into the storytelling, and even the layout for each page. Then the coloring was refreshing for how Peters toyed with this one color scheme that he managed to do so much with. I have to hand it to the guy for being able to render this world without leaning on natural colors. I would also be crazy not to mention how important of a role the lettering played in this issue in particular. Credit to Simon Bowland who really nailed creating both distinguishing voices, and more importantly the representation of Liam’s anxiety in the form of words.

This book is a hit for DC. More readers should be turning their attention to books like this which aim to give us something fresh from the superhero genre. Real problems to battle, unique visuals, engaging storytelling. Collapser #6 was the full package and leaves you wanting more. I hope there is more because this book rewards you for your investment in these characters and the world around them.

Collapser #6




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