Review: Justice League #37

Considering it’s now December, its safe to say that we are moving into the final stretch of this year-long storyline. If you asked me if it was possible to stick with a Justice League book which had become an event book? I would have laughed. I mean, honestly these books have the tendency to be hit or miss, but shockingly this creative team has struck gold with what this has become with each passing issue. We love our heroes coming out on top, but it is refreshing to see them having to genuinely fight for that win.

This right here is where things got fun. Up to this point I would have said that it was quite depressing to follow these heroes down their string of losses, but now we have gotten to that point where they have now earned this right to embrace what it means to be a hero when it matters most. It was even surprising to see one such as Batman actually crack a smile in the face of these odds. Small things like that make the biggest difference in setting the stage for what’s to follow.

This was only the start to the excitement that we would receive from this issue. The other part of that came from getting the kind of sacrifice that you could only get from someone realizing what it means to put everything else before yourself. The best part about this was also getting that from someone unexpected. This is a book which so far has taught us that just about anyone has what it takes to be a hero. All that matters is taking that first step. The one which begins with making the choice to be a hero. Things like this impress me the most from this creative team. It’s easy to assume that with a book like Justice League you are bound to run into more style than actual substance. Yet time after time like this we are shown that they can strike a balance.

By the end of this issue, I was satisfied with the form in which our reward took for our patience. Like I said above, we have made it a long way with these heroes stumbling to their lowest point, but that was always so that their rise could be earned. They earned this by accepting that there was only ever one way to fight this battle, and it was not by flexing power. It was by believing in something that was just as strong as doom. You could say that it was justice, but anyone could believe in that. It was something more pure which served as an excellent drive towards making this one final gambit.

One could say that events moved pretty fast here, but I think we were due for the pacing to begin picking up. There’s a lot of things going on at the same time here, and not everybody is even working under the same laws of physics.

Now it was definitely an interesting choice that for this issue they would also change the artist. This is always going to be a bold move because the wrong style at a time like this can really take readers out of the story. Fortunately for us, Jorge Jimenez regardless is the man for the job, because this was a big one with so many heroes thrown into action, as well as enemies. Every scene was explosive, action-packed, and neither he or Sanchez skipped a beat rendering it all. As for the colors, there was never a worry there. When it comes to the coloring of the interiors, I don’t think there was ever a time where we could have been let down. This certainly wasn’t one of those times either as Alejandro Sanchez astonished us from start to finish through his bold and vivid colors.

This one was definitely one of my favorite issues of the series so far. Justice League #37 was everything you could have hoped for from these heroes being able to slip back into their better qualities. As the last stretch of this story, it was only a matter of time before the Justice League was able to begin tipping the odds in their favor, but I’m glad that it was met with strong pacing and momentum jumping into it.

Justice League #37




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