Review: Psi-Lords #7

Right now the feeling is great to be able to look forward to a book as much as I have with Psi-Lords. It’s refreshing because it was definitely hard to say that this was going to be one of those books for me after the first couple of issues. I mean, this isn’t to say that Valiant hasn’t earned our trust with their more ambitious original stories and characters they have sold to us in the past. Though this one could have easily been one of those which reached too far to grab us. Yet with each passing issue up to this point we have been graced with a stunning immersive experience as we followed this group of astronauts through the beginnings of their new lives in the cosmic world.

The discovery of their powers was wondrous, the unraveling of their situation was thrilling, as well as the intensity in taking control over a situation which has been out of their grasp since they got their powers. The trial we all experienced last month changed the game in a big way when all it took was this one group to challenge and open everyone’s eyes to what has truly been their reality all of this time.

Now at the start of this issue, I enjoyed that we could finally take a step back and address this story from a different perspective. After the development this creative team was already able to give these characters, it was easy to forget that there was still one rock left unturned. That being what must be going through the mind of one Capshaw who sent this crew into space in the first place. I mean, what must have been going through her head after all of this time without contact? She is certainly not the type to sit back idly when the fate of the world is not completely in her hands to ensure safety. So it made a big difference to dive into what was going through her head in the moment. It was even better that we were able to get the appearance of another character who of course surprises you not that he might find some involvement in a story that is cosmic.

What made this chapter enjoyable was that overall we were seeing these characters fully embraced in the role they were meant to play. Not just by being heroes, but by being the only people who stand between the people of Earth seeing another day, or falling to a devastating clash with the Gyre.

While I wasn’t too bothered by the idea that someone was going to die, it still mattered to me how they were going to pull this off since issue #7 is a crazy point in the story to take a character away from us who we have almost only just been able to create an investment in. When that moment came? I have to say the execution was brilliant because this was the last way that you expected that we were going to lose one of them in the fog of war. To be struck down during such a heroic moment is one heck of a way to hit where it hurts the most. My only concern of course is how they proceed from here considering the fact that we have seen a future where they are all alive and well.

For this issue in particular I adored the interior work from Renato Guedes. I know I say this a lot, but I believe the interior work was at its best when he changed up the overall style that this was drawn in. I loved a majority of the books where he drew the interiors in such a way, however, the painted over style just did not fit the kind of story told for Psi-Lords. Not one that needed to captured our gaze through the exciting colors we know that he is able to produce when he allows them to shine through and jump out at us. Especially during a period where these four are fully empowered and growing more comfortable with their powers with every new opportunity they have to unleash it. Characters such as Artisan in particular stood out for the fact that almost everything he created with his powers was something you haven’t seen him produce before. He lived up to his name in every way visually. Aside from this, Psi-Lords #7 also benefited greatly from Guedes creating that room for himself to get as detailed as he could with his pencils. This was a chapter where there was a lot on the line, and we needed to see that through the way these characters expressed themselves inwardly and outwardly. It was a bonus that he can at the same time do amazing work with the settings.

Beyond this, it goes without saying that Dave Sharpe does a standout job of capturing the many voices seen throughout which are unique enough to these characters that you wouldn’t want to confuse one person for the other.

The big hype for Psi-Lords #7 at the end of the day was that one would die by the end of the issue, but I loved that there was so much more to take from this chapter than that. With each passing issue, and with greater clarity, the momentum is picking up and taking us along for the ride. We are learning a lot about these characters, and the corner of the universe they have been trapped in, but not once did they let us forget the urgency in putting a stop to the trajectory of this vampire star before it collides with Earth.

Psi-Lords #7




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