DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “A High Bar” Review

Many shows have caught me by surprise this year, but none more than this Harley Quinn animated series. I mean who wouldn’t hesitate just a bit with all the Harley Quinn craziness going around? If you’re not easily sold by everything involving her, then you would easily think that they were just doing this as a quick cash grab. However, after seeing the first episode for myself, it was hard not to see what all the hype was about. This is the version of her you have always wanted to see adapted outside of the comics in all her crudeness, vulgarity, and brutality. I mean, only a couple of minutes into the debut and there was more swearing than Deadpool could pull off in the same time.

I have to give credit where it is due, we all marvel at what Marvel is doing with their shows, but since the start of the DC Universe streaming service? Not once has DC written themselves into a corner with what they have produced so far. They have had dark stories, humorous, super-heroic, endearing, even one that was just chalk-full of mystery. It was inevitable that they would get to where they are now that fully embraces being mature rated. Some might say that this is just them trying to be edgy, but for a character like Harley there should never be a restriction to the things that she will do, or the things that will come out of her mouth. Even in this week’s episode they pulled no punches. You loved Harley for everything about her hat was so unbecoming, you loved Poison Ivy the same for the way she succumbed to this getting caught up in the shenanigans. The same you could say for one Joker who never missed the chance to indulge in the chaos that is the things he can say to instigate reactions.

With the first episode jumping right into Harley beginning to forge her own path away from The Joker, I couldn’t help but look forward to what this second week had in store for us. Especially when Harley has decided that the best course of action for her to take next is to take a seat in the Legion of Doom. Some Harley fans out there will surely enough wonder why she hasn’t completely broken away from the path she is on to forge her own entirely, but I appreciate that right now there is a progression to it. It was funny to see how she could become to dead-set on this while having two people in the room who are advising her against getting herself into what she knows will lead to some trouble. With that said, I should also say that Frank the Plant is a wonderful character. Who would have thought a talking plant would always have something humorous to say?

When it came to making this big splash by crashing one of the Legion’s criminal enterprises, it was clever how this all turned out. I’m sure that we were all expecting this to somewhat be serious for the Legion, and then they slapped us with the reality that nothing about it was really as it seemed. That was probably seemed like a casual engagement turned into a mitzvah was gold. Particularly because the running joke throughout this episode was the fact that there is all these normal people around and then you have this handful of villains who give no ****s about the things they let slip out of their mouths. For as much as I loved Harley’s interactions throughout this, I at he same time adored Ivy who simply was not in good company. Followed by people who annoyed her, wearing her distaste for the crowds of people on her face. They did not waste an opportunity to show why she is the kind of person who only really enjoys the company of plants over people.

The one thing which really made this episode thrilling was once more how they pulled off a jaw-dropping action scene. Now even when you read the words mature-rated, the last thing that comes to mind is action which makes you cringe. And yet that is exactly what this series brings to the table. They struck a perfect balance between on point choreography and Quinn doing things to the human body that would have you looking the other way.

I know I have probably said this before, but DC found a winner in this series. DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “A High Bar” assured us that everything we saw from the debut episode was far from it for the lines they were willing to cross. It is a breath of fresh air to have a series like this in their library which is unapologetic for what life is like when you step into the shoes of the one and only Harley Quinn.

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