Dr. Stone “Wave of Science” Review

With the year closing out, it only makes sense that this would be the big episode where they would tackle the rest of the roadmap to creating the mobile phone. Couldn’t have come at a better time either when Senku has finally gotten to that point where he has everyone who matters on his side in the Ishigami Village. You would never have imagined Magma to be that important of an asset, and yet here he is at last understanding what everyone else is seeing in the value of science in their lives.

With the Science Kingdom’s new resources, powerful ally they can now trust, and growing admiration of the village, this here was the episode we were all waiting for, and they did not disappoint! From the minute this episode began, they hit the ground running with what we should expect from this last stretch of the roadmap. I loved the process which came from this because the best way to show how far they had come was to pull everything together whether it be resources or aid from the villagers. There was definitely a lot of steps to putting everything together, but every step was met with momentum that maybe only slowed up a couple of times for the sake of making sure we got our character moments out of this.

There was so much heart from this episode which took me by surprise. After everything which progressed us to this point, it was endearing to see how this team truly felt about this current accomplishments. There was no better two to take this from the perspective of than the Craftsman and Suika. I loved ow both of them really managed to stand out and allow themselves to be acknowledged for what they had to offer. When you think of a character like the Craftsman/Kaseki, it is easy to overlook him simply because of his age, but in a world where progress matters above all, things like that mattered very little. I felt captivated by the scene where he opened up about the new lease on life they gave him through the embrace of his skills. Ina village like this, it was understandable how a craftsman wouldn’t be admired as much as a warrior. Though right now, the scale has balanced out to a point where you cold only value someone like Kaseki who found people with a like him, a shared passion for building, and bonds which did not discriminate. Speaking of age, the same could be said for Suika. For this roadmap, a lot of the work was definitely heavy lifting and critical thinking, but that didn’t mean there weren’t areas where someone like her wouldn’t excel. I was happy with the role she was able to fill, while at the same time showing initiative to do something that would have otherwise been time-consuming.

Chrome himself also found his time in the spotlight when given the chance to put his science skills to the test. He is smart like Senku, but he still has some ways to go. There was no better time than now to show what Chrome could accomplish on his own and with the lessons he had been given throughout this grueling process. It also goes without saying how welcomed it was to refresh that bond between himself as Senku. Up to this point he was doing a lot of work with Kaseki. So now was a great time to show that their connections was still strong when it mattered most.

By the end of the episode, I also admired how they did not waste an opportunity to continue showing how Senku never overlooks the chance to improve the village’s way of life at the same time. It blows your mind how he will be on one step, see them struggle with something, and somehow find a way to help while at the same time creating progression for said step in the making of the phone. You couldn’t call it a matter of convenience, but that matters very little compared to the act of kindness itself. This one consistent character quality that makes Senku stand out from so many other shonen main characters. He truly has a soft side that you embrace, particularly when he is always trying to dodge praise for having a heart.

I’m not going to lie, they almost had me at the end of it all, because they did their thing where they cut to the credits at a point where it seemed that things had cut off abruptly. This was an episode which had us hyped up for the climax to the making of the mobile phone, so the expectation was that we would get just that by the end. I loved that they did their thing where the last stretch of its creation was played out through the end credits. It make the moment a lot more immersive than you would expect because you only have the visual and the atmosphere of the music to carry you through the rest. I couldn’t argue with the way they did this because this way pushed through any unnecessary dialogue that would have slowed down the remainder of the process.

Honestly, this anime might be my favorite of the year, and that is a hard thing to say as someone who has watched so much this year alone. Dr. Stone “Wave of Science” reminds you of everything which makes this series stand out from so many that come off as ‘been there done that’. You can’t take away the fact this one is a breath of fresh air that doesn’t apologize for being wholesome and compelling.

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