Fire Force “Wearing His Pride” Review

I was very happy for where this story arc has taken us so far. I remember last week I was thinking that it was pretty quick that the 8th Company was ready to jump into such a major undertaking when the episode before they were just in the process of going through preparations. I mean, when it comes to anime like his, sometimes the fun can be in the way that the characters develop and grow in power. However, credit where it is due that they have not failed in taking advantage of the element of surprise.

These past two weeks have been even better for a viewer like me who also latches onto characters like Maki and Hinawa. Last week was an excellent surprise for the fact that I don’t think anyone was prepared to see just how strong Maki was. I mean, her ability is tough as hell as is, but when you throw in her hand-to-hand capabilities? She is a beast! That is how you show off a character’s experience in contrast to those younger. With this week focusing on Hinawa, I was hoping to see more of the same thing. Especially when he is someone whose abilities actually allow for much more room to be caught off guard. That was at least my expectation when there are so many fans of the manga out there hyping this exact moment for him.

Truthfully, I already knew they were going to satisfy me because this is the first time where we were actually able to witness what a long-range battle looks like. There was also no better person to match Hinawa with than Arrow, who most people also wanted to see more of in action. While their fight was a lot of blind shooting, I think that is what made it so intense. You have two people who snipe, and they are pretty much using every tactic and resource in their arsenal to overcome this hurdle which really kept either one of them from being able to take the other one out in one shot. This situation was excellent for Hinawa in particular for the fact that you would have never expected him to carry so much firepower. I thought he was the kind of guy to prefer more surgical strikes, but this shook things up where we could at the same time experience what it looks like when a second generation really lets loose.

Speaking of letting loose, this was a great time to dive further into what makes him tick. This episode pressed the fact that he does not do well in the house of emotions. Though for a mission like this? It made a big difference that we could get an example of where he might let those emotions slip through. I would say that this took the form of conviction and a sense of duty. The very same things you could also see expressed by one Arrow who really didn’t waste time letting us know what goes through the mind of those who follow the Evangelist.

We also got to see a little bit of what Arthur picked up and I applaud them for being able to reign in the humor enough so that we could see how much he really improved from his training with Waka. I don’t think we saw everything, and if it isn’t? This was a good taste of what’s to come for him down the road. Now of course Shinra did have hit part to play this week too, but I wouldn’t call it anything too notable in contrast to everything else which unfolded. What skirmish he got into was quick and to the point. At the very least we did get the takeaway that speed makes a big difference in the power of his kicks. From there we just need to see what hat looks like when facing someone on the same level or higher. Aside from this, it was interesting to see what could come of them leaning into more humor from hm in contrast to Arthur.

Story is good and all, but right now I hope I speak for most when I say that it is always worth the wait having these episodes where they make use of that brilliant animation style to indulge in some good old fashion fights. Maybe not as choreographed as what we got from Maki last week, but there was no denying the explosiveness from two people trying to take each other’s heads off. Fire Force “Wearing His Pride” is Hinawa’s time in the spotlight, and you will walk away a bigger fan of his, if not already a big fan as a reader.

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