My Hero Academia “Suneater of the Big Three” Review

After how many weeks of set-up and build-up, My Hero Academia “GO!!” puts us right where we need to be for things for the thrill to begin once again. As I said last week, there is some big expectations to be met for what we have waited for a good while now. As the second raid experienced in this series, we should want to walk away from this one with the same memories that we got from the first that led to the big battle between All Might and All For One.

That was why I found it interesting that this episode was titled “Suneater of the Big Three”. Whenever they do that, normally the assumption is that the goal is fleshing out a certain character more than anything else. Maybe even spend more time using flashbacks. Part of me felt some reservations thinking they would actually risk taking us out of the story to accomplish this. Fortunately for us? They did a marvelous job of striking a balance between getting to know Suneater better, while at the same time showing those of us who follow the anime more why he is considered a hero who has one of the strongest quirks in the series. Having the power to take on the qualities of whatever you eat doesn’t seem like too much on the surface, but My Hero Academia has never let us down seeing how a quirk you wouldn’t look twice at can be the most valuable.

There was flashbacks here and there, and all of it managed to be relevant towards understanding Suneater back then, and how his past influenced who he is presently. It was very interesting that his story actually tied so closely to Mirio’s. That was unexpected, but also welcomed because characters like Tamaki really do tend to excel when in the orbit of those who help them to break out of their shell. I think the best thing about this episode was actually emphasizing

Now when Suneater got into his big fight here, I was captivated from start o finish. I’ll be honest and say that I did not think too much of his quirk at first. I mean, what makes him so different from someone who could simply morph any part of their body? Well, I was happy to be proven so wrong by the end of the episode. They took every opportunity to show how even with something as simple as the traits of an octopus he could become such a powerhouse. Better yet, they showed how someone like him could be so formidable as someone who uses his quirk brilliantly with a cunning mind. It was as if seeing Midoriya in action when he takes that step back to analyze situation and deconstruct the obstacles in front of him for the best course of action. It also made a huge difference that they set him up with three powerful enemies as well. They pushed him to the same kind of limit that Red Riot was pushed to a while back. His ultimate move was just as much of a shock for how terrifying it could be when unleashed.

Through this confrontation and mission through Overhaul’s hideout, we at the same time got a good understanding of what really separates him from the League of Villains. He has the loyalty of the people around him, and that is much greater than simply sharing the devotion to an ideal.

Aside from this, there was still progress taken from the rest of the heroes as they made their way through the hideout. I enjoyed the way that they were all challenged by a situation where they clearly had lost the element of surprise from he minute that Overhaul’s guys threw themselves between him and them. The first villain they ran into who made an attempt to slow them down served as a great example of even what they were up against with new drugs circulating which can give average villains the upper-hand against those who should normally be able to handle them with ease.

Overall, big things happened this week and they made sure we got the full package from getting to know Suneater better while seeing that he is among the most powerful we have come across so far. If this is what we have already gotten this early in the raid? My Hero Academia “Suneater of the Big Three” has set the bar from what we should anticipate for the episodes to come.

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