Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three Review

While the first crossovers were ambitious, this one was definitely bold when there are so many big names crossing paths, and so many familiar faces from series outside of the Arrowverse making appearances. Right now I wouldn’t say this one is the best, but it certainly has your attention for everything fan service that you come to love about a Crisis event. This chapter in particular pushes the envelope with so many more heroes who are now joining the cause. The only question remaining is when we are going to crank the dial on the urgency of this threat? Build-up and set-up is nice, though we have to start getting more than what we have seen so far.

What unfolded in this chapter was interesting. A lot of things happened, though not in the way you would have imagined. There’s a good and a bad to that. First I’ll start off with the good. With as many hands on deck as they have, they began breaking off into proper teams in order to tackle the different matters of urgency arising. The first one was what I enjoyed the most because this involved finding out what was on the other side of that door Nash Wells opened. First off, what led to this moment was excellent for the fact that they finally corrected the problem that was a depowered Vibe. Does this make up for the initial decision made in The Flash? No, but better now than never. They also finally addressed the situation that is Pariah and what goes through the mind of this man who let his curiosity get the best of him as an adventurer. Then there was what lied on the other side of the door which was another great development for the fact that these heroes were finally confronted by a problem that took some actual action to solve. It wasn’t something that they could punch their way around, though it was something that put them all to the test when it comes to making the hard call and being able to think on the spot.

The best thing about that scene was the introduction of Black Lightning. It was as intense as you thought it would be given he was just dragged away from his family that is now gone to the anti-matter wave. The drama was expected, though it was what came after which stood out the most. I loved seeing how Jefferson in the most worked through the grief to give himself back to that sense of duty that makes him a true hero. At the same time I admired the way that they overcame the obstacle that was a hero like him connecting with these other heroes under these urgent circumstances. They might come from different worlds, but they all find common ground in doing the right thing because they had the proper influences throughout their years. I only wish they did more with them. You know, since he is someone plastered right on the poster as if he had a bigger role to play.

This brings us to the bad. This took the form of a lot of things that happened, though we did not see. Aside from the heroics above, it felt like the real heroes were the ones trying to save as many lives as they could bringing them to Earth-1. There was so many things we didn’t actually need to see that could have offered time to seeing John or Kingdom Come Superman actually out there racing against the wave.

Now this heart-to-heart that Iris had with Ryan Choi was an endearing moment, but I do wish they put just as much time into understanding what makes Ryan important to saving the multiverse. I get that they wan to save some of these revelations to the moment where it matters most, but at the same time they need to assure us that the build-up in the moment is worth our time. In that moment it felt like they were trying to put Iris over, and I really thought this was going to be a time where she took a backseat to others of greater purpose to stand out.

There is only a couple of problems I currently have with this crossover, and the first deals with the storyline involving the death and resurrection of Oliver. The death itself was excellent, that I can’t take from them. However, the response has been lackluster because the multiverse is dying, but apparently bringing one hero back from the dead is more important than the billions and trillions who are dying every minute? Is this what The Flash was preparing himself for this whole season? To sulk and revert back to making questionable decisions with a kid? They could produce better writing than this…. The only redemption for that was that they made the solution for bringing him back quick and to the point. Not to mention it involved bringing in a certain Devil who initially we thought would never have a part in the Arrowverse.

The other is what they are doing with Supergirl. Since all of this began, she has felt like an utter disappointment. After so much growth, now we are back to the problematic Kara who makes mistakes because she can’t get over her need to think she knows better than most. This is a problematic cliche with most Arrowverse heroes, and this was the last time where it needed to be a thing. If there was any way to overlook this, then they did make a fair attempt through Batwoman trying to be the voice of reason and begin properly creating that ‘World’s Finest’ vibe we should have been getting from them at the start of this all.

Aside from there, there was just one more concern, and that was with the pacing of the crossover. It feels like there is way too much fan service, and very little of anything actually getting done. You spend half the time watching them getting ready to stop the wave and the Anti-Monitor, but the only really threat they face is time. The time which passes as each universe continues to be destroyed, and the time which passes and they get no closer to stopping it than they were at the start of each episode. Yeah, the paragons are important as they keep saying, but its been three episodes getting them together. For what? What does Choi offer that Black Lightning couldn’t? What power does Supergirl add that either Supermen couldn’t? Where are even those demons that they faced in the first chapter? Entirely too much time is placed in areas where we don’t need that much conversation.

At the end of the day I wish that there was more that I could say that I liked about what we have gotten so far from the crossover event, but this year it hasn’t quite paid off yet for them to go big. If anything they have taken on just a bit more than they could handle. Someone in the backroom should have suggested maybe two-hour episodes for each part to really get into everything that should have been seen on-screen. If you’re like me, then Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three might leave you wanting, and the next two parts will have to astonish in order to make up for it come January 14th.

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