Review: Far Sector #2

After a strong debut to Far Sector #1, I was eager to jump right back into the action with what came next. This is one of the most interesting Green Lanterns I have seen created so far because the circumstance is really out there and yet to be fully understood. Jo isn’t your average Green Lantern, this isn’t your average murder investigation, and even Jo’s occupation of City Enduring has some mystery to it for us to unravel.

The opener to this second issue was a nice transition into what came next. Part of me actually wishes that this was something we got from the first issue, but at the same time I could see where this creative team was maybe trying to pull us in with more mystery before beginning to unravel this plot, story, and the characters within. It was welcoming to have that small intro which properly reintroduced Jo to us, that she is a rookie, what makes her job more unique in contrast to most Lanterns, and what makes this jurisdiction more unique than most places in the DC Universe in general. Of course there is much more to learn about Jo, and that is why this second issue was also used properly to address the things that make her standout as her own person outside of being a Lantern too. For as professional as she tends to be compared to other Lanterns, there was no better time than now to jump into where she does show cracks. The things which makes us question the kind of life she lived before all of this. Before of all Lanterns available she was chosen to go all the way out here with a Lantern ring we’ve never seen before.

When it came to picking up from where the previous issue ended, quickly they nailed being able to pull us right back into the moment where Jo began chasing the murderer of her murderer. I know that is a mouthful, yet at the same time it is a thrilling twist to throw at us at the very start since the madness of it all is the very things unknown about City Enduring. We are pretty much learning at the same pace as Jo, and that puts everyone at the edge of their seats when bracing for the unexpected. Something else I appreciated about this second chapter is the stronger emphasis they have begun putting on Jo being a rookie. Up to this point you would have assumed that she had a bit more experience before going into this. However, there are things even now that she is still getting the hang of, and that adds a whole new kind of challenge to what was already grueling.

What made the next part of her investigation engaging was the way Jo made use of the skill she was more comfortable with. That being her skill in processing what goes on around her. There wasn’t a dull moment following every word and signal these people gave her which makes you raise a brow to what might be going on underneath the surface of those who are supposed to be emotionless.

Something I also began to enjoy about this series was the lack of restraint that they are willing to show with these characters. This isn’t me saying that with a book like this you want to push for unfiltered language, but it is always worth noting when a conversation will come off more natural for the way a character talks that is more familiar to how we would. Especially when you have someone like Jo who really lets her emotions show through her word choice in contrast to the other people she interacts with.

With this second issue I was even more sold on the artwork of Campbell than I was with the first. In the first issue he grabbed us with a sense of wonder to everything he was able to render boldly. Through this second issue he continued pushing the envelope delivering more unique settings, getting a bit more creative with the inhabitants of this city, and making every flip of the page jump out at you for the styles he uses to shake up the presentation of panel layouts. The overlapping was great in some areas, though what jumped out at me more than anything else was a certain splash page he indulged in. I loved it because it was so easy to follow. There was an excellent transition to Jo’s movements, and the character movements within it were so organic. Aside from this, I continued to appreciate even how she makes use of the ring constructs in her own way. Like before, you could see how her use is way more applicable instead of following some theme. Beyond this, the coloring made a big difference to in setting the atmosphere for some key scenes. The switches in background coloring, the stripping of color to express urgency or fear, these decisions were smart.

So far this creative team has set-up a brilliant mystery here. How do you draw the line between what you read on their faces, and what they express through their words? Where do you drawn the line between having real emotions and simulating it out of basic habit? Far Sector #2 assured us all that finding the answers to all of this is going to be easier said than done.

Far Sector #2




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