Review: Immortal Hulk #28

Its a monster world that we are stepping into. Who would have ever thought we would finally reach a point where people are beginning to actually listen to the story of the Hulk and come to accept that monsters aren’t exactly as they seem? That there might be real monsters in the world, and now is their time to meet confrontation? Maybe some are digging too far for their answers to what makes a monster what they are, but for those who are monsters? This is their day in the sun. Quite literally too, because it was one heck of a twist last month to see Hulk achieve that milestone once more where something as simple as some UV rays isn’t enough to put him back in his cage.

What has caught me off guard about this chapter was the huge change in perspective that they have taken to this new world. When I opened up to that first page, I was not expecting to follow this ordinary man who clearly was not ready for a world where they embraced the embodiment of destruction and chaos. This was someone who you would probably liken to who Thunderbolt Ross used to be. Well, without the military background or the means to actually do something about the ‘Hulk problem’. The guy was well written for the fact hat he represented many adults today who aren’t good with change. They don’t like the youth rising up the way they have, and that usually begs for responses which lack basic reasoning. Personally, I was shocked at where this was leading, but in a real world it is easy for the average adult to feel “threatened” by anything they do not fully understand.

With that said, this was at the same time a great point to jump into what led to this teen brigade’s existence. Everything about their creation was clever, down to the way that this inevitably involved Roxxon. You have to hand it to The Minotaur, he really knows how to take a loss and try to make something beneficial out of it.

Being that this is the following issue from the events of Immortal Hulk #27, it only made sense that we would see the immediate effect of the Hulk’s attack on Roxxon Social Media. I enjoyed how this was that rare opportunity to see what happens when Roxxon actually takes a hit they can’t quickly recover from, or even ignore. It helped that we were at the same time experiencing this with The Minotaur, rather than Dario Agger. This made the emotions from him raw and in your face since he has little reason now to keep his real feelings bottled up.

This month gave us a solid issue of Immortal Hulk, yet at the same time it was still one that was heartbreaking. Why you ask? Well the answer to that is very simple. When you flip open to that first page? The first hing you notice is that the one artist who put really helped to put this book on the map is not there! With the release of Immortal Hulk #28 they have handed over the job of penciler to Tom Reilly and Matias Bergara. Now I wouldn’t say that this was a bad change, but it is certainly one that is going to take some time to adjust to. I mean, this is a book you admired for not only the hyper-realistic visuals, but the genuine horror that Joe Bennett was able to bring out in every scene. At the very least, these new artists are able to still capture the sinister look from Hulk, and the actual monster in The Minotaur. Aside from that, the brutality of the action is the same too. So that is something. When all is said and done, it also helped that Chris O’Halloran is still around for colors. Not the same boldness or depth as he was able to give before, but does what he can with what room he is now given.

If anyone thought that was it for Roxxon, this issue said otherwise. Immortal Hulk #28 assured us that this is one business man who is not ready to let go of the new opportunities now afforded to him, in spite of current losses.

Immortal Hulk #28




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