Review: Triage #4

Here we are again to jump right back into the action that is this fight for survival. With each passing issue we understand the threat better than we did before, but at the same time do we come to better understand these heroes too. The first issue put the spotlight on Evie, the second issue Orbit, and then the third issue Marco. So it made you wonder what we were in store for this time around. Especially when at this point they are pretty much running down the clock till the next confrontation with the Hunter.

Picking up from where the previous issue ended, it was interesting to see what could come of Evie discovering Tab sharing a kiss with Marco. Not really the kind of drama you were preparing yourself for. Personally I had my reservations about this development since this could have easily turned into somewhat of a distraction from what we needed to be following. The good thing was that this went hand-in-hand with the overall theme of the issue, that being self-discovery. For everything that we know about these ladies, what made them each compelling was the fact that each one of them still had things to figure out about themselves. Evie struggling to find her relevance and role. Orbit coming to terms with the kind of hero and person she is behind the mask. Then you have Marco who is conflicted with the she has yet to really live because of the war that has taken the better portion of her life.

Those very things were once again pressed upon in this issue, and that was a good place to transition into. Particularly when you want to make sure that they aren’t making themselves too comfortable before the next big battle hits. This went double for Evie who more than the others needed to get her head on straight. You would think that by now we know enough about her, but it did not hurt one bit to take a step further to address what actually led her down a path to become someone who heals. At the end of the day, the biggest question was always where a nurse fits into a battle for survival like this. There was no better time than now to begin addressing this. Not to mention in a way that genuinely melts your heart.

By the end of this issue I did also enjoy the hints that Sevy begins to drop towards figuring out the identity of the Hunter. I’m pretty sure that at this point some of us can begin to come up with some conclusions of our own, and that goes a long way towards building up investment in whether we are right or wrong. I’m pretty sure there is only one answer to go with here, and hopefully the explanation of why this person is coming after them makes it all worthwhile.

The interior work for this issue continued to impress because of the way it engaged us with the story. In contrast to the issues before, this one visually was more character focused than anything else. Not a bad thing either because this was a great time to really get into how Sevy does very well in being able to draw three different versions of the same person and still be able to at the same time given them their own distinct way of expressing themselves. Their fears, vulnerabilities, even the way they show their frustrations all managed to stand out in a big way when at this stage they are all trying to pick themselves up for what comes next. Now this isn’t to say that some of the settings didn’t jump out at you, because they definitely did. I am still taken back by the work that Sevy is able to put into the world around these characters which takes some attention to detail in order to render the way he has.

It has been a while since I had a book like this to look forward to from Dark Horse. When we think of stories involving infinite existences, it is easy to lean towards thinking about DC’s Multiverse. Though Triage in a short amount of time succeeds in breaking the mold to breathe life into a multiverse of its own. Triage #4 served as a strong reminder in the reason why these were characters you wanted to see unraveled through their experiences together. Sometimes the best way to figure yourself out is to look at your reflection. Only in their case, it’s quite literal.

Triage #4




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