Review: Undiscovered Country #2

After the page-turner that was the debut issue for Undiscovered Country, it was hard not to look forward to what came next in this story. This book is as ambitious as it gets opening us up to the kind of world you would only think to get in movies. I guess that is what makes the comics medium so brilliant. There’s no limitations to the worlds you can create and the concepts you can introduce to readers.

With the transition in to issue #2, they wasted little time jumping into how the atmosphere of this story could quickly change through this group’s first experience with what lied within the walls of America. The system of the world regressed, the people regressed, the animals look like they went through years of gene splicing. It was simply madness, the kind that you could only get out of a movie like Mad Max taken to further extremes. From this team, their reactions all came naturally. Some couldn’t believe what they were seeing, some were put into a state of fear, others found that there was a greater urgency to finding this cure than ever before. Especially when current developments have now created the impression that there may not even be a cure if nobody is one-hundred percent sure if they were brought to this place under the proper pretenses.

As they said, the focus does shift to Charlotte’s brother, Daniel. In contrast to the rest on this team, right now he is the most interesting person considering how he was the only person on Earth to successfully infiltrate the black box that is the United States. Not only this, but for the fact that there had to be deeper reasons towards bringing someone like him aboard who you would still call a risk factor because of it. By the end of the issue it was good to see that fr those like him there was something to invest in. Daniel took on this mission with another one in mind, and even then the clarity of what that mission is is something we have to stick around for to figure out. I mean, they are working three different angles here which is pretty bold. For now, it is just good to know that there is someone like him around who at the very least knows how to get his hands dirty to keep everyone alive.

We also got to know the Destiny Man a bit better, just a bit. Mostly in terms of what makes this guy someone to fear. The size of him, the anger he expresses, its enough to make you think that they are all seriously in over their heads and in need of a miracle.

This feels like a great time to get into something crucial about a book such as Undiscovered Country, and that is the fact above all, this is a book which requires a lot of reading. There will no doubt be some readers out there who find this challenging when they think comics shouldn’t be too wordy, but this is one that only benefits from it. Particularly when involving this many central characters interacting, and characters who all have a role to play in either succeeding in their mission or getting out of this mad world in one piece.

Seeing how this issue was more character driven than anything else, what grabbed your attention from the interior work most was the way that these characters interacted with one another. It was one thing to know that this team would go through so many emotions as they figured out what to new with their new situation, though it was another thing entirely to see that written on their faces. Now of course this doesn’t mean that other things don’t catch your eyes. Such things like the design of the Destiny Man, the way his followers look, more of the animals which now exist, and the horrors of what some experience at the hands of those like the Destiny Man jump out at you easily. Its something to admire that this art team dives into all these new things with such attention to detail between extensive pencil work, to genuinely organic coloring. For as wild as things get within these walls, it is impressive that the colors do not bend to this new reality. They’re grounded and add a lot to maintaining an immersive experience.

Through the events of Undiscovered Country #2, the mystery only runs deeper as there are more questions than answers for this team. The mysteries which are the driving force fr this story, aside from the elements of horror in the unknown. They faced their concerns, they re-evaluated what their priorities were, and they found a reason to keep pushing into this mad world. What comes next will be big considering their new motivations will once more be put to the test.

Undiscovered Country #2




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