Review: X-Force #3

I’m not going to lie, I was prepared for a lot of things when they announced that a team like X-Force would still exist in this new world of mutants, but I was not prepared for the true reason why a team like this would be necessary. That humans would actually go so far as to capture a mutant like Domino and flay her skin to graft onto their homegrown soldiers so they can bypass Krakoan security? This is as bold as it gets, and surely enough I feel like I am speaking too soon when humanity has proven time and time again that their audacity runs deep.

Now with the realization of what was done to Domino at the hands of this group, I really did cringe. The worst for any mutant is ever death. This was something that only a monster would do to another person. For all that has changed about the way that mutants live, I still couldn’t help myself agreeing with every angry word that came from Quintin Quire. I mean, first of all let’s take a step back and truly appreciate the fact that this kid is even involved in a book like this. My first thought was that it was about damn time. He may just be a kid, but he is as woke as it gets to the reality of the mutant situation. The one that you can’t simply begin to ignore because majority now live on paradise.

There was an excellent wrap-up to their rescue of Domino that hit with a strong balance between action and dialogue between Quire and Wolverine who gave us two interesting approaches towards expression frustrations towards inhumanity shown to mutants.

Considering some of the other books have already begun showing an Xavier who is alive and well again, it made sense that this would at the same time be the issue where they made certain that the counter-measures to Xavier being killed worked. With that said, it was really the resurrection which mattered here. It was the reaction from this needing to happen in the first place which did. Killing Xavier would never be the declaration of war that humanity would fear, but it was certainly the establishment of where this Xavier stands on matters of survival. I loved that they took this opportunity to give us a proper impression of what goes through his head. By the end of this issue we all came to understand where he draws the line and where the Xavier who believed in peace at all costs died long ago. This was the side to Xavier that I can roll with. He knows the game. It also helped to have Magneto by his side and emphasize the mistake that any one of them could make my getting too accustomed to what feels like safety.

The big takeaway from this issue was Earth-shattering. Since the Dawn of X we knew that enemies were still going to become plentiful. However, we did not know what kind of form they would take. Obviously there would be some familiar faces, but this was also the time for new foes to rise. It was a crazy twist they threw at us which showed what it looks like when the enemies of mutants actually adapt to keep up with the new structure of the world.

Three issues in and I am in love with the interior work from this art team. This is definitely one of the more unique styles that one of these X-Books has taken on, and of course it makes a big difference that this is one of those that doesn’t follow the trend of vibrant and colorful. They know the mood they want to set for this story, and they embrace everything dark about the kind of colors you would use to create that atmosphere. When it came to the action, of course they satisfied through what was violent, cringeworthy, and even messy about the way that an X-Man like Wolverine can walk away from a fight. It helped in this case that he also had a bunch of half put together bodies to slice up. Speaking of put together, I admired the visual they gave of Domino taken apart. It was hard to stomach, but you have to appreciate where they are willing to go to get the point across that this is a new war where both sides are playing for keeps.

After this issue, X-Force has now jumped up to a must-read title from the Dawn of X books. Being bold enough to have Xavier killed at the end of the first issue was definitely a clever way of keeping us coming back for more, but what creates investment is seeing how the writing tries to captivate us through more than shock value. X-Force #3 introduced us to a major new enemy, once again set the stakes for mutantkind, and emphasized how these aren’t the same mutants who would have once ran back licking their wounds.

X-Force #3




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