DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “So You Need A Crew?” Review

DC Universe’s Harley Quinn is one that hits the ground running. Running with the non-stop jokes, language unfit for kids, the action no other comic book animated series is bold enough to chance on. Then lets not forget the drive that Harley now has towards making a name for herself in the world of villains without being tied to The Joker. She got her first taste of success in this, and now she’s jumping head-first like a shark who smells blood. I really looked forward to what this would turn into this week. Finding reliance on a crew could go very right, or very wrong.

I was laughing out loud with this episode from start to finish. From the very start of this episode they jumped straight into what happens when Harley finds herself so consumed by this need to have herself a crew. The opening scene was brilliant because at the same time this was something that she had to desire coming out of a fresh failure. Once more you have to love that they are not making this a walk in the park. Harley’s working for her wins, fighting for that respect. and the challenge makes the biggest difference at the end of the day.

Now since the preview or this episode, I couldn’t help but look forward to the proper introduction of Dr. Psycho into the story. I died when finally getting the full context to his situation. For most of us, we were probably simply looking forward o the backlash from him actually calling someone a cunt. Because let’s be honest, many of us will call each other that and probably not get the same awe and shock that he did. It was great to see that there was something more underlying to the insult he threw around. Especially when they use this to take us further into the world of villains and reputation. I mean, aside from this, I simply loved that even for a villain as mediocre as him? His power is still pretty bad ass for Harley to have on his side. From there it was entertaining how the process of picking up Dr. Psycho led into also picking up Clayface.

Clayface was a fun addition because this is not the version of the villain that I am used to seeing. Actually, I’m sure that many who are familiar with this character are not used to seeing him so poetic and overbearing in his need to turn everything about himself into a performance. It’s a different take, but it works. Though part of me wouldn’t mind here and there seeing what happens when he is put in situations where it is time to get serious.

With this episode it also still goes without saying how interesting it is that they decided that this was a point in time where to some extent The Joker still needed to be in her life. In the comics she has moved on from The Joker to the point that he is non-existent in her story. Here, he is still around and trying everything in his power not to take losing her as personally as he has so far. This is definitely something to get used to, yet at the same time it is hard to ignore the effort that they are putting into creating that drift between them rather than simply jumping into that point in time where Harley is without any sort of interaction with him. The use of Poison Ivy in contrast is something that you couldn’t deny them of from the very start. It’s so hard to argue with what she brings to the table as someone who looks at the madness around her and thinks “But, why?”. She’s that friend who tries to make sense where she’s not allowed to, and the consistent accolades from Frank are not without appreciation for what he adds to the humor.

By the end of this episode, we got our answer to what this need for a crew would lead to. DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “So You Need A Crew?” was entertainment value at it’s finest when they took a hilarious approach towards what it looks like when villains try to make connections because they believe there is strength in numbers. That state of mind pretty much leads to the kind of team we see now, and I’m eager to experience what this turns into once Harley recruits the rest.

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