Dr. Stone Season Finale “Voices Over Infinite Distance” Review

***Spoiler Warning***

What an experience it has been! It hit hard realizing that this was going to be the season finale for Dr. Stone. With every week leading us to more bold inventions and engaging advances in science for this stone world, it was easy to get lost in how many episodes were actually passing by. For me, it caught me off guard because they really made us want to look forward to the stone wars. Especially now that they have completed the creation of their first cell phone. Maybe it didn’t look like the kind that you hold in the palm of your hand, but it damn well accomplished the same function.

From the start of this episode, I loved how the atmosphere changed from that thrilling of putting everything together, to the cheer in finding success. Though with this being the season finale, it made you wonder what that meant for how this arc was going to conclude. Seeing how this story progressed so far, it was hard to imagine that they would simply jump into the war and leave us hanging. They had to have some other plan in mind for how they wanted to wrap things up while still setting us up for what came next. Just by looking at the images, it was easy to tell that at the very least we would take one more trip to the past with Byakuya, though the question was what this would offer the progression plot.

The answer to that was quite beautiful. Up to this point we were all led to believe that the last words from Senku’s father were written in the Hundred Tales. It was a welcomed twist that this was far from the case as he left one more clever message for someone to find, and only hear if they were half as brilliant as the scientists who helped put the message together. With that said, I believe its safe enough for me to actually call it what it is, a recording. And how they recorded it was the part which impresses you the most since this was the first time that we were able to see that this group of astronauts show that they knew how to turn nothing into something using the resources around them.

I was surprised that they actually managed to slip in one more creation, and they handled it perfectly for the ease that it was put together through what was already on hand. The funny thing actually was how for something that didn’t push the boundaries of science as much as the cell phone, it still was a breakthrough when nothing auditory is really that simple. What made this also refreshing was the response from the villagers. What this device did was something they never thought was going to be possible, and allowed them an opportunity that surely enough none of them would have had without the help of Senku. Which brings me to what that device offered. That being a voice which truly acknowledged everything that Byakuya and company knew that humanity, and this village in particular should have been able to accomplish at some point in time. I mean, it was one thing to hear Lillian’s marvelous voice through a flashback scene, but it was something else entirely to allow everyone the chance to have her voice reach them and fill their hearts in a way that no one else will be able to for some time.

As far as takeaways go, the greatest was the atmosphere which changed in the village after. At the end of the day, this is all leading to a war. One in which the worst case scenario is that people die for the sake of preserving their lives, and new way of life. Yet, all it took was some final parting words to give everyone the fire they needed to have faith in an evolving world.

There was probably only ever one thing which bugged me, which isn’t really directed at this episode specifically. That would be the fact that there is someone who was supposed to be watching them from a distance and there’s no way she could have not seen some of what they have been putting together. Even if she didn’t know exactly what was being made, there was no denying that any bit of information given to someone like Tsukasa could go a long way towards him figuring things out for himself.

Talk about exhilarating! I was genuinely moved by the episode. This isn’t the first time that I have been moved by and episode of this series either, and that is what impresses me most about it. You look at other shonen series that are noteworthy. Most of them thrive on big action scenes matched with stunning visuals. Yet Dr. Stone consistently broke the mold by striving to capture our hearts without fail. The brilliance was in what these characters could create, the endearment was in how they connect, the excitement was in everything which dared to defy the impossible. After an episode like the Dr. Stone season finale “Voices Over Infinite Distance”, it would have been a crime if we didn’t cut the credits before seeing the confirmation that there would be a season two. Dr. Stone deserves one, and it deserves to be on some favorite lists for anime series which debuted this year.

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