Fire Force “Those Connected” Review

As the day went by, I remember everyone was pretty much losing their minds asking why not everyone was talking about this episode of Fire Force. This got me very excited because here I was already pretty satisfied with what we had just gotten out of a battle from Hinawa last week. Who would have guessed we would have a battle to follow that would already top this?I’m glad that this is a series that finds new ways to consistently keep us at the edge of our seats.

This episode picked up right where the last one ended as Vulcan and Obi find themselves facing off with Lisa and Giovanni. While I knew that this confrontation wasn’t going to be as big as the one that would quickly overshadow it in this episode, that didn’t mean that some things did not stand out about it. Such things as the ability of Lisa that is quite terrifying. Lisa’s power is pretty terrifying for one that manifests itself to the extent that it does. The only person who can create constructs that massive is probably Hinaba. And against two people like Vulcan and Obi? That is a pretty huge difference in firepower. That is why I was also impressed by the way that these two took them on. For as explosive as this could have been if they weren’t ordinary, it was still intense for the fact that they know how to take on people who should be able to overwhelm them. This meant using all the things that an engineer like Vulcan would put to use when out in the field.

Who actually took me by surprise was Giovanni. Next to Arrow, he was the most forthcoming about what drives these people who serve the Evangelist. As far as villains go, he is one of the better written because he knows how to work an angle. There’s no denying that he has abilities that make him formidable. Though there was no denying that what makes him more dangerous than what he can do, is what he says. That he could accomplish his goal by simply telling Obi what he needed to hear and nothing more was clever. We all learned a lot, but you could see how he was giving as much information as he could without doing too much.

Now it was what came next that got everyone talking, and with good reason. Some will say that Fire Force is moving slow, but personally I have never seen that as the case. This could easily be a series that moved slower and dragged us through filler, but this is not one of those. This is a world where these creators took their time fleshing out the characters, the world around them, while at the same time giving us what we look forward to from a shonen. I actually found myself more appreciative that they have so far shown restrain in going too wild every week. For as much as we want that, sometimes the good **** has to be earned. In just this arc alone we already got how many notable battles with excellent animations and effects.

In the case of Shinra confronting Sho again? Let’s be real, that was a masterpiece in motion. I loved that they held nothing back when it came to showing what a real fight looks like between two people with the Adolla Burst. From the minute both of them took off, I was blown away simply by the fact that they were moving so fast that they couldn’t be seen, yet at the same time they helped us to keep up by imprinting the ground with Shinra’s footsteps just to show the heat signatures that were left behind as they clashed. It really did make a big difference as well that all of this took place in the darkness of the underground. This was one of the best ways to take in the fire effect whether it was the literal fire they unleashed, or the glow in their eyes. The best takeaway from the fight was having Litch there and being able to break down what was actually happening with Sho’s powers. I was a bit taken back myself when it came to accepting what level he is fighting on. After what was experienced from Sho this week, I really do look forward to getting that eventual full explanation from him to confirm what we were seeing.

Aside from this, it was worth mentioning how welcoming the elements of horror were that they tossed in. That adolla link is pretty messed up for the way that it messes with someone’s mind. The visual of it made a big difference. The weird perspectives, the skeletons, and even their playfulness with the lighting, all of it was great.

Overall, Fire Force “Those Connected” was a thrill from start to finish. I have to agree with many out there that this should be an episode more are talking about. This is a series that gets better with each passing week and should be given the patience to continue picking up momentum. Like I said, this isn’t one of those series where they would have dragged us along for nothing to have happened at this point. Because a lot has happened for the twenty-four episodes that have released so far.

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