My Hero Academia “Red Riot” Review

Last week was all about Suneater, and the guy sure did know how to steal the spotlight. So when I read that this episode was titled “Red Riot”? I was anticipating seeing more of the same! Well actually double what we got before since this week would be more of a tag team battle. I was ready to see what would come of these two heroes being pushed to their limits, because anything less would not be worth the time spent on them.

What got me so excited about this fight that Fat Gum was going to get into was the idea that there was much more to his power than what we were seeing on the surface. Since his introduction, he honestly did give you the impression that he was all too powerful aside from his ability to take some serious hits and dish it back out. I was eager to see where that presumption of him could be wrong. Especially when this wouldn’t be the first time where we were introduced to someone with a basic power that becomes something amazing when pushed to new limits. There are some who will draw comparisons to a character like Choji. The kind who cultivates his power through amassing fat, and using that fat as power. However, I feel like Fat Gum is something better. This isn’t someone who questioned what he was capable of, or had any shame in his size. The excitement from seeing Fat Gum in real action was understanding that this was someone who knew he had the weight to throw around, and made you wait for that big moment where he was ready to throw everything and the kitchen sink.

The battle was memorable because at the same time there aren’t enough moments where in this series they take advantage of what it looks like when two heroes create a perfect combination. Whether it was Fat Gum and Red Riot, or the two villains they faced, it was refreshing to get two teams who understood the value in playing to your strength and role.

This week finally brought us around to Kirishima’s full backstory. Before this episode we were always getting just bits and pieces of what a younger Kirishima was like as he struggled getting over the scared kid that he was to everyone who used to know him. It was an endearing story because it’s not always that we will run into someone like him who had the makings to be a hero, though just needed the right kick in the butt to get on the right track. From this one story we got everything that we needed to know about him in one go. I enjoyed a story that ultimately pressed him to realize the true power of someone who is supposed to know how to take a hit and keep on coming back for more.

If there was one disappointment you might have at the end, then it will probably be the fact that there was not much of Red Riot on the offensive. Though at the same time you could argue that for him the important thing was not giving us a show of power. It was showing the same kind of growth that Tamaki experienced last week. Where both of them struggle is that they needed confidence that they could do anything they put their mind to. That includes standing tall after all seems like it may be lost.

Beyond this, it was also worth getting into what some of these criminals thought of Chisaki. It goes without saying that he is shaking up the landscape for the criminal underground since diving into the world of villainy. There was no better time than now to find the room to understand what they think of this situation. Particularly since you have so many of these men throwing themselves between the heroes and Chisaki knowing that they will ultimately be arrested after.

All in all this episode of My Hero Academia lived up to the title, and then some. “Red Riot” gave Kirishima the final push that he needed to become the hero he has striven to be since middle school. This episode also allowed us to get to know Fat Gum in a new light. He is much more than his size and demeanor. This is so far one of the most admirable creations for a pro-hero who is not one of the top ten. I do hope that from here we have the chance of seeing more of Fat Gum in the near future.

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