Review: Justice League #38

Hard to believe that after all of this time, here we are now at the issue before the finale for ‘Justice/Doom War’. A year of following these heroes through what was a losing fight for them the minute Lex Luthor found himself consumed by a God who he was able to put all his faith into. I still struggle to believe that none of these heroes could really figure out what Lex had that they didn’t to consistently pull out victory after victory reaching this point. Though you know how these things go, hindsight and all. Sometimes you got to find yourself at your lowest before you can truly rally to overcome the odds. Justice League #37 was everything you could have hoped for from these heroes being able to slip back into their better qualities.

At an excellent time as well considering if they did not find this power they now unlocked? It would have been a wrap with not much of a fight to put up. From start to finish of Justice League #38, they hit the ground running with what would come of the Justice League finally having the means to fight back against Lex Luthor and his army of Predators. With the glow that the League took on when they lit the sky with hope, one would have assumed that they had acquired some new power that would put them on equal footing with Lex Luthor. However, it seemed more like they were given a new fire lit in them to go the extra mile. You know, to at last begin fighting as if there was nothing left in front of them but the battle and the end of the world to face. Through characters like Green Lantern and Superman, it was a thrill to get even just a panel where you could actually be convinced that they were hitting with no punches pulled.

With only so much time left in this storyline, I appreciated that they wasted no opportunity to show what makes Lex Luthor so formidable now that he has access to all of the dark energies to take advantage of. I definitely had my reservations about Lex taking the Legion’s powers because there was always going to be a small window of opportunity to actually use those powers against the heroes in the battle to follow. Fortunately for us they did not disappoint when the room was given for Lex to really show what it means for these heroes to face someone who takes a lot more than what they usually dish out.

Now who really turned things in the favor of the heroes turned out to be the biggest surprise yet. The only way that this chapter would have fallen flat for me is if they did not take advantage of what everyone had to offer. The predictable route would have been the Trinity standing above everyone and steam-rolling through Lex. It made a big difference that they thought outside the box to give some others the spotlight and give us a solution that was more than who could hit harder than the other. This is more than a war of strength. It is a war of faith, and it was good to know that this creative team never lost sight of that. Even during the big battle scene.

For an issue like this, I was glad that despite the interior pencils being split between two artists, they were still the best that you could ask for at this point. Jorge Jimenez and Daniel Sampere knocked it out of the park between the action, the emotion that we got from these characters, and everything in-between. Let’s not also forget the colors from Alejandro Sanchez which made this chapter so explosive. This is a battle where everyone is throwing their all at each other, and his colors gave everything the right impact. Overall, I was simply impressed by the fact that they had so much going on within these pages and not once made you feel like they were taking shortcuts. Beautiful renderings graced these pages consistently with every flip of the page. And honestly, that’s all you can really ask for from an event book.

We all awaited for this moment when the Justice League would rise higher than they ever did before in this event, and they did not disappoint when the moment came. It was nerve-wracking, it was brutal, and it was even heartbreaking. It is at times like this when you really want your patience and investment to be rewarded, and the events of Justice League #38 rewarded us well.

Justice League #38




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