Review: Marauders #4

After the fast-read that was Marauders #3 and its focus on the Shaw family, it only made sense that this issue would jump back into the adventures of the actual Marauders team. Well, the team and a special side mission shared between Kate and Bishop. Some may say there is a lot going on with this book already, but you have to love that they have so far tackled every angle with the intention of these developments having an endgame with time.

This issue started with the Marauders’ latest mission to Brazil. Brazil is one of those places where in the past they have made it clear where they stand with the rights of mutants. As dark as some of these rescue missions could be, I appreciate how Duggan is taking the entertaining approach towards these mutants walking up to these foreign lands with confidence to make a statement that these governments can’t just do what they want without consequences. In times before Krakoa, they would have had to walk on eggshells in fear of rubbing the wrong people the wrong way. Now they can sail right up to their shores, even singing a pop song while throwing fire and lighting around. Scenes like this opener are excellent takeaways to what has changed about the mutant’s place in the world.

From there we jumped right into this side mission with Kate and Bishop. One that I appreciated since one of these books had to eventually get around to where this investigation of Bishop’s was going. This was also fun because Bishop is the kind of guy who thrives on working like a professional, and lately Kate has relaxed herself a lot as someone who had a tendency of being the same. So a lot could go right, and just as much could have gone wrong. Fortunately a lot more did go right for then as they ran into a situation that was not at all what they were prepared for. Something was definitely off about Chen’s story about her husband, though the answer to that couldn’t have been better. Of course there was going to be some action, and I enjoyed it mainly because once more we got to see how Kate is a lot less restrained about the way she uses her powers. Not to say that it didn’t help that they were facing off against enemies who were a little more than human.

Where this led to was a great note to leave us on considering each Dawn of X book hasn’t failed in addressing how the new mutant nation has at the same time created more enemies. The bigger threat revealed at the end of the issue is familiar, but it is their agenda that definitely sticks with you most.

First of all, let’s talk about that cover for this issue. So far? THIS would be my favorite of what they have given us since the start. Obviously that might change down the road, but who could argue with such a graceful image of Storm taking to the skies? Dauterman and Wilson need to handle these covers and no one else if you ask me. Now getting to the interior work, there was a lot to love about what we got from Wernek and Blee. They had fun with what we experienced from both halves of the story this week. Like I said above, it doesn’t get old seeing this Pyro who simply loves letting loose with his flames, and Storm who is a lot less picky about who she is willing to strike down with lightning. The color work there made a big difference in it all popping. As for the Kate and Bishop mission. It was definitely the action which also grabs your attention. Aside from the painful phasing from Kate, it was simply intense for the choreography of the combat.

Overall, Marauders #4 jumps back into this mutant team doing what they do best, and each issue successfully makes you anticipate what comes next. New problems, new destinations, new enemies. It will be a thrill to see how the Marauders, and even the Hellfire Trading Company tackles all of it when rocking the boat is almost part of their job description.

Marauders #4




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