Review: New Mutants #4

Some people will read the synopsis for this issue and think that this issue is taking us back to the New Mutants team in space, but the truth is that you will have to wait a bit longer for that. Honestly? It’s not even a problem right now. When we have back to back weeks with New Mutants on shelves, the best move is to have this story pick up from where the last one ended. As I said before, it doesn’t hurt to focus on some other characters who represent another experience in this new mutant world.

The excellent thing about the storywriting for this arc is the way that the focus shifted towards delivering a proper example of the form desperation takes when the most prized item on the market is the mutant medicine. It was worth the time to show what it looks like from the other side when there is this medicine that could save so many lives and the only thing that keeps the right people from getting it is their government acknowledging mutant sovereignty. I mean, the way Brisson drew a contrast to an actual crisis which motivated these criminals was smart. These guys could have easily just been simple mutant haters who were looking to make a grab for power, but these were regular people (still criminals) who simply wanted to be more than just the victims or ones in need. There will always be someone trying to beat the system, and right now the system is the controlling of the distribution of the medicine.

How Armor and company handled themselves in this situation was interesting since everything had their own way of dealing with the situation they were put in. On one hand there is the problem with the hunger, the anger that would brew from being used as a hostage, and not to mention the fear from trying to pick the right responses that wouldn’t put anyone in unnecessary danger. So much could go wrong here and you had to know would. This was going to be one of those things where things were going to get worse before they got better. Fortunate;y it got bad at a time where the right person crashed the party to keep things interesting.

At the end of the day, I hope I speak for many when I say that it is good to have Boom Boom back. She is such a drastic contrast to many of the young mutants we have come across in this book so far. Without a true purpose, yet somehow consistently the life of the party. A true example of what it looks like for a mutant who thrives in chaos to live in a world where there is a little less to fear. Considering the spotlight is on Boom Boom with this week’s cover image, it was good to know that her role did not end at simply helping Armor in finding Beak and Angel. There had to be more to her involvement, and it helped that they had fun with it.

Failla and Lopez found consistency in this art style which differs from what the other art team offers for the New Mutants in space. Solid work from them this time around, though there was nothing too standout aside from the Boom Boom scenes. That was fun for the fact that Failla looked like he was into drawing this mess of an X-Man who was just a little too deep into the paradise part of Krakoa compared to most others. It helped having that bold coloring from Lopez which filled this story with some energy during such scenes. Especially when things didn’t manage to get a bit explosive near the end. I do looked forward to what Lopez gives us when the dial gets cranked up in the issue to follow. Involving the lady who loves to blow things up is one heck of a way to shake things up. Now this isn’t to say that some of the more endearing moments didn’t stand out too. Some of the work with expressions sold the moments where these mutants needed to understand that there was still people to fear in the world.

New Mutants #4 presses forward with a storyline worth telling in the early stages of the Dawn of X books. With great opportunity comes greater problems. All mutants are learning this in one way or another whether it is out in space, or down on Earth and beyond the security of Krakoa.

New Mutants #4




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