Review: Suicide Squad #1

It’s a strange thing to admit, but when it comes to Suicide Squad, this has almost always been my most anticipated book from DC. Actually, who am I kidding? I find it more strange that others do not invest in books like Suicide Squad as me. These books are exciting because save for those three or so villains who tend to make it out in most cases, these are stories where just about anything can happen because you invest in nothing but the dangers of the mission itself. Never has this been more true in the case of this run too. Mainly because Tom Taylor has now gone that extra mile to actually create new characters, and we all know he loves to play with the concept of no one being safe.

From the start of this issue, I enjoyed the fact that things weren’t actually as they seemed. Surely enough most of us who didn’t do too much digging assumed that a majority of those newly created characters were actually starting off as a part of the Suicide Squad. This would have made a lot of sense, though at the same time this would have probably been too straightforward as well. So as I said, I enjoyed that this was actually two groups squaring off where not everyone on either side will make it out back alive. Especially because even then, this was not an iteration of the Suicide Squad we were dealing with that had all the vets or heavy-hitters. It was to some extent laughable, which I couldn’t argue with either for the fact that Suicide Squad is supposed to be an entertaining book. For as much danger and darkness that they are thrown into, there is always going to be those glimmers of humor which makes this the full package.

When it came to this Suicide Squad and the Revolutionaries clashing, I also enjoyed where they began thinning the herd while at the same time making sense of why things were unfolding the way they were. There had to be a reason why these Revolutionaries didn’t start off as part of the Suicide Squad, and there had to be a reason why there was one too many laughable villains working alongside Harley and Deadshot. I mean, after all this time, why would Waller really be making such drastic decisions moving forward? Well the answer to that was one heck of a bomb dropped on our laps. The reaction to all of this unfolding was great because it was as if Harley and Deadshot were sitting right next to us trying to wrap their heads around these new developments.

What pains you so much about this first issue is that again, these are all brand-new characters. The first thing you see when you pick up this #1 is the words reading that half this team is going to die before the issue ends. Simply painful realizing that for as cool as these characters look, and for whatever cool things they could do? There was not one of them you could really sit there and be hopeful for that you will get an issue more to get to know them. Now reading that, you might call this a negative towards the book. And as I said above, far from the case. This is the kind of book where half the fun is in the danger. Danger that you can’t fully experience if the cast is made up of notable villains who you don’t want to let go of.

Now when it comes to a book like Suicide Squad? There’s nothing I love more than jumping into a run where the interior work is outstanding, and this was outstanding work. You want to know why? Because this is the acclaimed Injustice creative team of writer Tom Taylor and artist Bruno Redondo. The minute Redondo was brought on board for this book, they had a winner with me. This is an artist who knows how to deliver an action scene and never skips a beat to immerse you in the madness. Having clean pencils for once was not something I was ready to argue with. It goes a long way towards connecting with these characters. Particularly when there is so much loss experienced in such a short amount of time. The icing on the cake after that was the very fact that the colorist chosen to breathe life into his pencils is none other than Adriano Lucas. The very artist who I don’t think has ever disappointed me when lending his brilliant colors to a scene. His selection was bold, vivid, and of course the effects he pulled off felt like only a taste of what was to come down the road. Even the lighting worked wonders towards making the art pop. This actually isn’t even the first time that Lucas has colored pages of Suicide Squad, though at the same time his worked never looked as beautiful as it did here.

They didn’t lie, this just might be the wildest incarnation of the Squad ever seen. Suicide Squad #1 is a strong departure from everything we once knew about the way this team worked. After so many iterations of the team, the feeling is good to finally have a creative team that is bold enough to give us something we have never seen before. It’s a new frontier that should pay off s long as Tom Taylor continues digging into his bag of tricks to keep us at the edge of our seats.

Suicide Squad #1




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