Review: The Visitor #1

Since the announcement of The Visitor, I couldn’t help looking forward to what this one might have in store for us as a late addition to Valiant’s list of releases for the year. Described as an electrifying and mysterious sci-fi whodunit, there was some expectations for this one to meet when the character himself looks like someone you don’t want to mess with.

This one was very different from most debuts we have gotten out of new Valiant stories. I had some expectations for this one, and it caught me off guard seeing what unfolded instead. I mean, with the way that this book has been hyped up, you are pretty given this eagerness to get to know this new character because it does not seem like there is anyone like him in the Valiant Universe. Don’t get me wrong, there are heroes and villains who also make the leaders of the world terrified of them, but his agenda is not one which they are upfront about. For everything he did to turn a simple UN meeting into chaos for the city was pretty crazy for the fact that it was the city itself that was turned upside-down rather than just focusing on the meeting. Hard to argue with that either when the end result was pretty much the same in rustling the feathers of the leaders who were not prepared for someone to take them on so directly to get in their way.

With that said, if you were preparing yourself for bring introduced to this Visitor in the first issue, then let me pull that band-aid off for you quickly and say that you will be waiting a little longer for that to come. Some out there will be able to wait given what was set up in this first issue, while some others might find themselves a bit disappointed that they haven’t really been given a character to invest in. It’s hard to say that any side would be wrong in how they approach this book. Now this isn’t to say that this Visitor doesn’t have a presence throughout the events of this issue. He does a lot from behind the scenes and is very active about it. Definitely untraceable, though not so much of the unstoppable or unkillable bit has been emphasized just yet.

The best thing this debut had going for it was the way they tackled the answer to why these leaders of the world terrified of the visitor. This is clearly someone who is aware of the kind of things being done behind closed doors and taking action against it. To understand this, it takes some patience to really allow yourself to be engaged in the conversations. It goes without saying that this is might be one of those books where you have to be ready to read a lot of dialogue. This could easily change as the stakes are raised over time, but right now this is one of those books that will be called wordy to some. Not a problem obviously, but it is something that will no doubt create some struggle for the readers who lean more towards action over too much text.

If there was one takeaway from this first issue, then it was how in-tuned this creative team is with what acts of terrorism look like. From start to finish the madness unfolded naturally as something which has the possibility of happening in the real world.

What really took me by surprise ended up being the interior work of this book. I was quite blown away by how down to Earth this art team took their approach towards rendering the world around this chaos. The best way I could describe this is fitting because once you’ve wrapped your head around the kind of story they are trying to tell, it made sense of what these artists were trying to strive for. Characters who look natural, settings which create the convincing picture of this being set in New York, colors which are organic. This did get explosive, but even then the colors were organic. Not once did they allow themselves to go too wild and lose sight of the fact that this is set with one foot on the ground.

If anything, The Visitor #1 should stir up some interest towards seeing what comes next simply for the fact that we walk away from this with so many questions, rather than answers. They did not disappoint when it came to creating a mystery between asking who this character is, and what he hopes to gain through these strings of attacks.

The Visitor #1




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