DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Finding Mr. Right” Review

While most other shows and series are taking a break for the winter, its good to know that some are still hanging around for our entertainment. DC Universe’s Harley Quinn is a once in a lifetime series that you embrace and show that you want more of. Adult jokes and violence packed into a superhero world. There aren’t many opportunities these days where you’re going to get to indulge in this and very rarely be hit with a censor.

Now that Harley has moved on from the Legion of Doom obsession, now comes the obsession with what she can accomplish with a capable crew. This time around tacking the need for notoriety. I found this very interesting for the fact that if this series was set in Coney Island like the comics? Building up her reputation and stealing the attention would have been a piece of cake. Though for the story they are telling in this animated series, she is fighting for attention in a city like Gotham where the only real way to be newsworthy is to be Batman, Joker, or any big time villain who crosses paths with the Bats. Though almost always it has to involve being on the Bat’s radar. I enjoyed how they even used a contrast to the way Metropolis covers Superman to drive the point home.

What had me very eager for this episode was that we were finally getting our first adaptation of Damian Wayne in a series where the world can get to know he exists. He has appeared in an animated movie or two, but you can never assume that many people watch those. Certainly not a general audience. Though here they have the opportunity to say, hey, Bruce Wayne does have a son! And guess what? He is a sniveling piece of ****! The only real difference between this version and what we are more familiar with is that this Damian is less bloodthirsty. He actually acts his own age being twelve rather than being the kids who tries to be smarter and deadlier than most of the adults. With that said, it was entertaining how he and Harley interacted. Whether they wanted the other or not as a nemesis, they both worked off of each other so well for the way that they were able to bring out the worst in the other. How do you push Harley to her limits? Throw someone her way who can be just as childish.

Where this crossing paths with Damian worked was the way that this inevitably led to the confrontation with the Bat that we were all waiting for. That scene was the highlight of the episode because there was so much packed into one fight scene and they pulled no punches with the randomness that comes from everyone wanting Batman’s attention. Everyone but Ivy of course, because we all know she doesn’t value this brand of madness. Harley to some extent proved that she could hod her own with Batman, and Joker reminded us once more of his obsession with being the only villain Batman sees. Either way, this was more of Batman than we had seen so far and this take has been interesting for the fact that he wasn’t overly brooding.

With this week’s episode also came the introduction of King Shark to the crew and series. This was also a very different experience like our introduction to Clayface last week. Where they shook things up by giving Clayface more personality, they did the same for King Shark by actually making him more human. Well to be exact, by making him a nerd. It was humorous because they really were not afraid of going to that place where you have a deadly creature that prefers civility over losing control to baser instincts.

This episode I appreciated more than most for Ivy. As I’ve said before, I enjoy the initiative they have taken towards inserting her into Harley’s life as her BFF. We all know that in time this does turn into something more, but for now they are having fun with what it looks like when Harley has that one friend who is genuinely out there looking out for her well-being. That is despite every conversation heading towards disaster since Harley is the kind of friend who only takes parts of the conversation which sparks interest in her. Where they shook things up this time around was actually giving Ivy the room to prove just how far she was willing to go to keep Harley out of trouble. To spring into action the way she did was a thrill since it is sometimes easy to forget how formidable she can be when she gets serious.

DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “Finding Mr. Right” took Harley to the next step in breaking out on her own. What does every successful villain need? A legitimate villain to acknowledge that they and what they do exist! They asked the question, and they hit the floor running with the answer. Every moment was appreciated for the hilarity, the action, and the appearances you didn’t know you wanted till they came.

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