My Hero Academia “Temp Squad” Review

All in all this episode of My Hero Academia lived up to the title, and then some. “Red Riot” gave Kirishima the final push that he needed to become the hero he has striven to be since middle school. This episode also allowed us to get to know Fat Gum in a new light. He is much more than his size and demeanor. This is so far one of the most admirable creations for a pro-hero who is not one of the top ten. I do hope that from here we have the chance of seeing more of Fat Gum in the near future.

The follow-up from Fat Gum and Red Riot’s fight was a good one. I would have thought it all ended there with their win, but the bit they added at the end there didn’t go unwarranted. It goes without saying that there are still some things that the world of My Hero Academia hasn’t gotten around to. This week’s episode corrected one of those things which took the form of two heroes now running into their first nemesis. This didn’t go the way they planned, but it was entertaining and worth the time nonetheless.

Now for those who have been waiting to see more Midoriya, this was the episode was worth the wait. As I said above, as great as it has been exploring some of these other heroes who may or may not have become your new favorites after seeing what they bring to the table, the truth is that Midoriya has fallen to the background quite a bit throughout all of this. This was his time to step back into the spotlight, and during a time where we really should be seeing him proving that he is finding more comfort in the level of power he is able to use. Not just the level, but the ease of control that he should now be experiencing with the use of his feet in contrast to his hands. To that extent, this episode served us well in showing us a version of Midoriya who is able to really be a help to others without becoming a liability in the process. There was only so much of that we could see, so right now this is a breath of fresh air despite Midoriya still finding himself facing moments where his inexperience shows.

While the moment was small, it was nice to see some of what heroes like Rock Lock and Night Eye are capable of in battle. We knew Night Eye had a very good ability, but you would have never expected that he was even someone to fear in combat for the way that he makes up for his physique. You wouldn’t consider him someone to step up to with confidence, and then this week he would have proven that assumption wrong. Then we have Rock Lock who proved to also have a useful quirk that he finally put to use at the right time. The only problem I found with him is that his personality is way too stereotypical as the only black her we have run into so far. I would have loved to care about the character, but they clearly didn’t want to give us that chance every time he had something to say.

This week definitely made it hard to figure out which side of the villains you side with most. Chisaki definitely grabs your attention for the way he strings an actual plan together, though there is no denying the League’s ability to steal your attention for the personality that they put into every scene. Twice and Himiko were the perfect two villains to throw in the way of the heroes because there’s so much unexpected from them. Even if they are not endgame villains that you would really struggle against, they had their part to play which they did perfectly. I loved overall that even in spite of what they had to do to make this relationship between themselves and Chisaki work, they would not allow themselves to be denied of what they really wanted to get out of this experience. Effort like this went a long way in making sure that all sides of this conflict are being properly represented.

There was also the opportunity take to really dig into the motivations of Shigaraki that was a great takeaway from this episode. Like Midoriya, Shigaraki has also taken a backseat to a lot of things currently unfolding. And for him it was a bit more unfortunate for the fact that there was a lot of things unresolved about the way that he accepted this working relationship with Chisaki.

When I finally figured out why this was called “Temp Squad”, I was happy for the way they were willing to shake things up this time around. We got to see more of the League, and we got to see more of Midoriya in action. Right now they are doing satisfactory work making sure that this is enough of a well-rounded storyline to make everyone relevant who is involved in where this is all leading.

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