Review: Incoming #1

Here we go with Marvel’s latest grand event that will shake up everything we know about the Marvel Universe. I gotta say, I didn’t really know what I was looking for when this one was announced. I mean, didn’t we already do a murder mystery before? What I did know was that I wasn’t ready to jump into another event where everything was stemming from the death of someone. And when this is a death that is supposed to affect the rest of the books coming out in 2020? It would have to be a good one.

Now I wanted to love this one because I love a good murder mystery, but unfortunately this was not that book. Normally I am the kind of reader that would give any book more than a single issue to change my mind. However, this one betrayed much of the time I put into getting through it. This is a book that’s NINETY issues, and I didn’t even think they needed that many after getting through it all. That was a lot of pages where this story did entirely too much to solve a death that only really took the smartest among the heroes actually doing their job. This isn’t to say that most of the scenes were poorly written. It was all solid work considering all the heroes involved. And trust me when I say that there was nothing which made me happier than actually seeing a major story where Blue Marvel of all heroes had the spotlight. Even other heroes who would not be considered under different circumstances. So we were seeing a very different world of heroes which was something to be appreciated.

The problem again is that when you take all of that away? There’s too much wrong with offering all of this and not really giving them a plot that fully takes advantage of what makes them great. Maybe this is because there was so many writers working on this too, but if that was the problem, it showed.

There was only a couple of things which really jumped out at me, and that ended up being the set-up for some of the other books we have to look forward to in the next year. I wish that weren’t the case, but that is what happens when they are trying to split their intentions so deeply through the use of one book. There’s a lot of things going on and something is going to have to suffer for the sake of covering all of that ground. For Incoming #1, that just so happened to be the appeal of the story itself.

What really disappointed me was the fact that when we finally got around to the reveal of this person who died? I don’t think I found myself all too caring about who this person turned out to be. It wasn’t a notable hero, or a notable villain either. This was someone so unexpected that the only thing going through your mind at the end of the issue is “Who?” and “Why?”. I don’t think that is the kind of impression I should be left with, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there was more out there sharing the same reaction. We get it, they want to walk on eggshells about not killing off someone major, but going the complete opposite doesn’t really help either. On the other had, the Masked Raider was an interesting introduction for someone who plays a different role from what you were prepared for. It probably would have been too obvious if he played the part that we thought he would, so getting something else was smart. Part of me actually does want to know who this person is and what challenge he might bring knowing that he can go up against the best of the heroes.

Aside from the set-up for other books, the best thing that this issue had going for it was the wonderful work from a wide range of artists. Usually I would call this problematic because there’s too many hands touching one book with inconsistencies, but this was a case where I could set that aside for the fact that these were all solid artists involved. Most of the very good ones handling the scenes which mattered a bit more.

Overall, I have gotten through the big hype that is Incoming #1, and it sucked to close it feeling like it wasn’t enough for me to pick up the second. I enjoyed the heroes who played a part in the first act, the artists involved, though that was about it really. They could have done so much better with this one, and the best takeaway from this shouldn’t have been what it sets up for other books. Maybe I could be jumping too hard on this one, and it hurts me to as a fan of most of these writer’s writing, though Marvel should know by now what we as the readers want from these events. This felt like they missed the mark. Who knows, I may be saying these things too early, but events are a whole different ballgame when playing with people’s money.

Incoming #1




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