Review: Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #43

When was the last time we picked up an issue of Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta? What that you say? August? Has it really been that long? Well of course it has! It feels like a natural practice at this point that when you approach the end of a series that the creative team will prologue the releases as long as they can. This can be for the sake of choosing quality over everything else, trying to make sure that next project is squared away before the money from the current book is gone, or it can simply be because they aren’t ready for the end to come. Whatever the reason, it had us waiting a good while when things have really been getting good in this series.

As I said in August, December was going to be one heck of a wait considering the cliffhanger they hit us with. In Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #42, we experienced one of the most memorable issues of the series. I mean, we have seen some incredible achievements from the Outcasts since their numbers started to grow, but this? This was a brilliant development when none could have imagined that so much of that power could be granted to once person. Let alone someone who isn’t even an Outcast. Just when you think you have seen everything, they hit us with the realization that we haven’t seen anything yet. It made me very excited since as they said, this first issue of the final story arc of the series. That means this is the time to pull out all the tricks and hold nothing back as they have up to this point.

From the start of this issue, the panic hit naturally. This is a very new situation to everyone, especially when it comes to the things that the Outcasts are capable of. It made sense that there would be panic towards what Allison just did, the state this left her in, the new questions this raised that none of them were fully ready to jump into at a time like this. I even enjoyed the bit of a stir that someone like Anderson would obviously create when he is the kind of the guy to turn a development like this into something that it is not. The other half of the panic was seeing exactly what the world looks like when The Great Merge begins. It was a shocking scene, but one I admired for how far they were willing to take this war beyond the farm and closed doors.

The best takeaway from this issue was getting an answer to the longest running question that we all have had since the first issues. When we are introduced to this world where dark entities from another world are able to slip in, where is the other occupant? The light couldn’t just be the light. There had to be some sort of personification of it to introduce us to. Our answer to that question came at a good time because surely enough after all of this time it was very easy to forget the basic things about this plot that was never addressed in its entirety. The execution was great as well since this is also the start of the final arc. It would have been much too late if we jumped into things like this during a more crucial time. Now this isn’t to say that there are other things address too, but I think this creative team has proven that they are willing to make sure that we aren’t left with many loose ends.

One of those loose ends will hopefully be the importance which Sarah continues to play. We know her story, but even then it seems that there is something more we aren’t being told. Hopefully it is worth the wait!

The interior work was just as stunning as the last. Well its hard to top what we got out of the previous issue, but we still got a few pages indulging us in that beautiful spectrum of colors. I love how they have consistently blown us away with the colors through every passing issue that the Outcasts find their powers growing. A singular glow, a brighter glow, a more intense glow, and then everything under the sun that would fill you with the image of light. From there, this was another issue where the expressions and drama could only truly be experienced through the visual capturing of each moment. This was a time were panic was at its strongest, fear, frustrations, not to mention raw anger. We got all of that with a cranked intensity. Particularly from the darkness which we got on a wild scale. Just when you thought the battle on the farm was massive, they said we didn’t see anything yet when The Great Merge hit the streets.

They may have left us waiting, but Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #43 worth the wait! Credit where it is due that the release of each issue has almost always been worth the wait. Which is more than you could ever say for the tv adaptation that so quickly died in the background. Right here in this final arc is the place to be when its a new game with all the pieces now on the board.

Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta #43




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