Review: Immortal Hulk #29

The game has changed. Its Hulk versus Roxxon, but it shakes things up when now the Hulk has the opportunity to spring into action during the day. I was excited for this issue because it didn’t take long for this creative team to begin taking advantage of what doors are now open with the sun not dictating what is and isn’t possible for Banner.There was also excitement considering Minotaur is far from done dealing with the Hulk. The only question is what he will do next. This is the kind of guy who doesn’t think small.

It didn’t take long either to figure out what Minotaur had planned for the Hulk this time around. While things tend to be pretty straightforward for his parts of the story, Ewing took an interesting approach towards making it a slow crawl getting to that point where Minotaur unleashes these giant monsters in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a plan set in motion which captured everything formidable about him in one issue. He may have become the Minotaur fulltime, but Ewing made sure that there was still a line drawn in the sand between where the man ends and the monster begins. For all that power, there was still the man who could keep up with the best of them when it’s just a game of chess at the end of the day.

Something which really stood out in this chapter was getting a better understanding of what Betty’s deal is. Since she became Harpy, it was hard to get a read on where she is at with the way she feels about Banner. Through the interaction they had this time around things are starting to click as it makes sense why she is so selective in who sees her as Betty and who sees her as Harpy. I only hope that in time we can actually understand this through genuine conversation, because there is nothing entirely to be gained from looks and cold sentences which push Bruce away.

With all of these things unfolding, I still found it welcoming that there was time to make progress with Jackie’s story. Considering that the Hulk has become the trending topic for the world, her perspective is more important than ever when not everyone can understand the big guy the same way that she has been able to. I mean, can you argue with what goes through her mind knowing one thing and experiencing something else entirely? Maybe this is because she was not getting the Hulk who simply destroyed, but as we all know, that is only one face of the Hulk. Though with that said, I enjoyed that the conversation Jackie got into this time around addressed these many sides to the Hulk, and some of the things she may have ignored about them while being so close.

Now when I flipped open to that first page? You should have seen the way my face glowed taking in the visual of Joe Bennett on pencils once more. This book is simply not the same without him on art. For this part of the story in particular it would have been a travesty to allow anyone else to handle drawing either of the Hulks or the monsters who popped up. So speaking of monsters, I absolutely loved getting another opportunity to see what kind of creations could come of Roxxon’s bag of surprises. The designs for these monsters were chilling, creative, and just the right amount of terrifying in stature to make a convincing threat for Hulk and friends. I also loved Bennet back on pencils again for the way that he draws Minotaur. It’s just not the same when you don’t have him up close with all of his animalistic features between the skin tones, color of his teeth, and even beadie eyes. Lets not forget the colors too which were on point in this chapter, like most. The atmosphere is just not the same without the way that Paul Mounts hits you with a horror-like experience through his lighting, his shading, and tones which are surreal. You aren’t going to get gamma green like that anywhere else, and plenty of other colors either. I mean, when those monsters jumped into the scene? That looked like something out of a classic movie. What’s not to love about that?

Overall, momentum is going strong with Immortal Hulk #29. One would think that things would slow down a bit with more storylines to balance between, but this creative team nailed all of these different elements connecting at just the right points.

Immortal Hulk #29




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