Review: Psi-Lords #8

I gotta admit, the pain was real when it hit me that this issue of Psi-Lords was going to be the end of this arc. When this story kicked off? They hit the ground running and pulled no punches after these heroes figured out their purpose. With that said, the big hype for Psi-Lords #7 was that one would die by the end of the issue, but I loved that there was so much more to take from the chapter than that. With each passing issue, and with greater clarity, the momentum picked up and took us along for the ride. All to this point where it is quite literally all or nothing for our cosmic heroes to save Earth from this catastrophic collision.

Before I get into the story, I’m going to again praise the decision-making from Renato Guedes as the artist. This could have been a very okay book from a visual standpoint, but he really stepped up when he backed away from his usual painted style. He did this and allowed us the full experience that is not only bold and flashy colors, but being able to properly take in the story that these characters should be able to tell just by the look on their face. His style isn’t bad, but it goes without saying that sometimes it takes away from your engagement with the characters and the settings around them. When he changed things up? All the detail was in full view, and we could genuinely appreciate all the work he put into these renderings. This goes double for the rendering of Ravenrok himself who was composed of an astonishing array of colors. If I may say so, I might also call it intimating too!

Aside from this, the lettering from Dave Sharpe was on point too. His work is nothing to overlook for the way that he had consistently accomplished giving characters of important their own voice which stood out from the rest.

Where this issue picks up I was at the edge of my seat because for everything that our cosmic heroes have been through, the last thing you were prepared for was the idea that one of them would be killed. Particularly when we have seen the future for these characters to know that death isn’t entirely permanent for any of them. Now I know that some readers out there will look at this and say it defeats the purpose of a death if you know that it is not going to stick, but like all good stories, death is just a thing. What matters is where such a tragedy leads to. These are four people who are now far removed from what was truly human about them. They are now what they were turned into, and that was beings who are not to be crossed. This isn’t to say that their reactions to the loss of Artisan wasn’t very much human, but as I said, they are now beings who are capable of a lot when properly motivated.

Everything from that point came organically whether it was the anger, the grief, or the sense of fortitude they expressed. It helped that they were also still in the middle of a battle and having someone to direct all of those feelings towards. It sent chills once more to see just how formidable they can be when they take off the gloves.

So having said what I did above, clearly we know that there was some sort of victory to claim from this finale, because it’s not as if all of them were going to die at the end of this confrontation. There was two halves to this, and I enjoyed the approach towards what we got from both. This chapter was titled “Dark Victory”, and they did not fail in giving us something that was actually worse than losing a teammate. Knowing that this issue isn’t the last ever issue of Psi-Lords, they made sure that there was still something to keep this story going. Something that would keep these characters fighting the good fight, and with higher stakes. The other victory was just as notable because it kept this from being too bleak. Our cosmic heroes here may be facing impossible odds, but what you love about them is that they thrive on defying the odds. Even when it seemed like they took a big loss, there was that one thing which shook things up to give us something to look forward to in the issues to come whether that is next month, the end of this year, or into the next.

Either way, I think the events of this cosmic climax of Psi-Lords should make the way for the next arc worth it. When the last run of Divinity came to a close, there was definitely a void in the cosmic adventures through the Valiant Universe, but Psi-Lords has more than filled it and then some. Once more proving that we have seen nothing yet when journeying outside the limits of Earth.

Psi-Lords #8




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