Review: X-Force #5

When this nation of Krakoa was first established, I remember thinking this might be one of the quieter periods for the mutants in the Marvel Universe. Then so shortly being hit with the reality that there simply is no such thing as quiet for the mutant population. Not when thriving the way they have has put such a target on their back by deadlier foes. The kind who have also gotten smart enough to fight the mutants on new fronts. So far it has been one heck of a developing situation where there could be groups so bold to attack where it actually could hurt. That being their pockets.

I mean, that was one heck of a note for them to leave us on last month. Here we are ready for a slaughter, and before this team springs into action, half the team is literally split in half? Clever choice of words that this chapter would transition with Domino and Forge having to pick up the pieces as the team faces a major setback. Where I loved what came next is the way that this chapter focused heavily on Domino. I remember thinking that there was no way that Domino would see that much action while still in recovery, and I couldn’t have been more wrong in that assumption. I was actually glad to be wrong because this is a rare side to Domino that we are seeing right now. This could have easily been Wolverine, but ended up being refreshing because there was someone else who had that bloodlust and desire to avenge.

How Domino and Forge got to Wolverine was clever as well. The action was awesome when that point came, though there was no denying how enjoyable it was seeing how they got from point A to point B with who they picked up along the way.

What took me by surprise was how they managed to find some humor in this while indulging in the brutality of this mission. On one hand you had Domino who was running on nothing but fury, and then you have Forge who is just enjoying this chance to mess with some new toys. Not to mention lend a helping hand to the guy who probably should have been able to do most of the heavy lifting himself if he wasn’t cut in half. What helped was also the fact that this was all executed with a great sense of pacing.

The best takeaway from this issue was how there was this build-up towards finding necessity in X-Force being a legitimate team. What still shocks me of course is the fact that we have come to a point in time where it is those like Jean Grey and Beast who are two of the biggest advocates for a team that would respond to the violence. The action and fighting are one thing, but I like that they don’t let us sleep on the other half of the team that is them and Sage working the intelligence angle. It’s quite terrifying to know that there are those like them who won’t kill, but will still find a way to put the fear into you. To say that Beast took matters into his own hands was definitely an understatement.

Between X-force #4 and #5 I have been impressed with this art team immensely. When this book first debuted I wasn’t too sure about the way I felt about the art style used for this book, but over time it was hard to deny how fitting it is to the story told. Joshua Cassara, Dean White and Rachelle Rosenberg knocked it out of the park going to that place where it is the same brand of action, though without going too over the top. There is also a fair bit of creativity to acknowledge which goes into this for the fact that you never would have expected organic weapons to be used like this. I think what really grabs your attention at this point is the color work too. I have to give credit where it is due that two colorists could accomplish this level of detail hat they bring out in the characters and settings. The organic shading, layers, and tones makes everything brutal feel that much more real.

By the end of X-Force #4, it was easy to say that this isn’t a book that you should sleep on. This isn’t the same kind of X-Force you usually deal with, yet at the same time they are still doing what they do best. The only difference is that there is a little bit of conscience in the motivation driving this war machine.

X-Force #5




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