Review: Strikeforce #5

Man oh man, just when you think things are coming together, nothing is ever as it seems, is it? Some will find it a bit crazy that we actually spent most of an issue on ghost stories, but they were all pretty cool stories for events that were not true despite being convincing. It was a good way to spend an issue which inevitably led to us finally getting somewhere with the reasoning behind these energy-infused seizures that Spectrum has been experiencing. Now better time than the present to jump right into where this leads.

As far as we knew before jumping into this issue, somehow this was going to involve Ghost. Though the question really is, why Ghost of all people to get involved with something that  does not seem like his territory to wander into? The answer to that we got very fast. This caught me off guard, but there wasn’t too much to be surprised by knowing that this creative team takes preference towards a story which moves with swift pacing. I mean, any reason to jump into the next confrontation, am I right? Not that I’m arguing because this book would not be living up to the name Strikeforce if they did more standing around and talking than anything else. This creative team wasted no time at all jumping right into what madness the Strikeforce was going to have to deal with next.

With that said, it was good that as fast as we were hit with this Ghost twist, we also came to understand what the heck he was doing getting himself tangled in experiments involving the boundaries between life and death. Where this led them all was pretty bold because it doesn’t always pay off trying to mess with plots that challenge the blending of science and magic. Let’s be honest. it also doesn’t completely pay-off when you decide to use small time villains like Ghost for big plot points. Yet somehow it actually worked out great, even better when another villain who you wouldn’t always turn to either ended up playing a surprisingly good role in what was unfolding. I was taken back in a good way seeing how this one guy who usually does so very little could handle a team of heavy-hitters on his own. It probably helps to at the same time have big ambitions.

Speaking of swiftness, it didn’t take too long either to stir up some drama between those who still struggle to completely trust everyone around them. This would all be far too easy if there wasn’t any tension still lingering around. Especially when some of these heroes are really trying to get back to their normal lives. This led to one important takeaway from this issue. That being some truth to where Daimon fits in here. If you’re wondering if the answer to that was worth the wait? I would say that it was. Particularly when it comes down to where this will lead the sorcerers.

This was yet another action-packed issue of Strikeforce that this creative team looked like they had fun with. Especially when this team of heavy-hitters are finding themselves struggling facing a villain who normally is not that much of a threat. Something I never got around to before was how much I admired the lighting and negative effect used for Spectrum. Whether she is powered up or afflicted, you have to love the way she always pops out. For this issue in particular I even found it cool how they drew a distinction between someone made of light, someone intangible, and some that is actually a ghost. This goes double for Ghost who stood out for the actual digital overlay that was added to his intangible form to show that what happens to him is more aided by technology in contrast to everyone else. The details mattered in the coloring and the intensity of the penciling.

They didn’t tell a lie, no one was prepared for this digital revolution. Strikeforce #5 was playing with fire between the use of Ghost and messing around with the clashing of science and magic, but the effort paid off by the end. At the end of the day, impossible situations like this is exactly what this team signed up for in the first place.

Strikeforce #5




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