DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “The Line” Review

With every passing week, this show gives you new reasons to fall in love with Harley Quinn all over again. You have some out there who are going crazy over the Birds of Prey trailer, and yet somehow this is still probably the closest you are ever going to get to the actual thing. Harley Quinn in all her glory and uncensored. As should be. This week when they titled the episode “The Line” some expectations are going to come with what that means to someone as crazy as her.

Despite some of the progress Harley and her crew has made up to this point, it made sense that they would still have a long way to go. Their adventure this week was like trying all over again since Harley came to the realization that she was going about the whole crew thing the wrong way. When trying to further get their name out there, I couldn’t argue with the choice made to help the Queen of Fables. You don’t introduce a villain like her and not have some bigger plans down the road. How the Queen of Fables got out of her book was funny, how she managed to go to prison after was gold, and the idea that Harley would be the one to free her was bold. With this level of power on her side, you would expect that this new intricate plan of Harley’s would go without a problem, but that would be too easy, wouldn’t it? They nailed the execution of how far south things could go. I mean, we have seen some **** in past episodes, someone back there must have said “Hold my beer”.

If I’m being honest, this show is actually my first exposure to the Queen of Fables. Never knew too much about the existence of this villain, or how big time she really was. I would say that this episode turned into a proper introduction to who this villain is for everyone. It was thrilling having this prime example of a villain dropped on Harley’s lap and showing her what it really means to be one of the worst. I mean, when we got our first taste of what she can do with that book? Instantly it clicked as to why this one is called “The Line”.

Speaking of the line, there was no better time than now to address where that line is for Harley. We all know that she will do some sick things for a little entertainment, but if you know villains like Harley, then you know that there is a code for some like her. This show tackled that perfectly when for her there is a difference between killing a hero, another villain, a target, and then an innocent. You wouldn’t think these things matter, but it really does. What this version of Harley Quinn is supposed to bring to life, is a side to her who acknowledges what she is capable of, and how to go about it with a stronger conscious. It really did help as well that this was something that could be explored without Ivy having to be too involved in making a point. There is no better progress than being able to figure some things out on your own.

Now I’m going to be the guy to say it, Kite Man is the breakout star of this show. I don’t know who the heck back there decided this guy of all villains needed to have that much screen time, but that person deserves a medal because it takes some brilliance in writing to give someone like him such memorable lines. Honesty, I almost lost it when seeing that this was going to be the week where they finally did something about this “Would they, might they” between himself and Poison Ivy. How they approached them being a thing was also genius because I don’t think a single person was expecting Ivy to have a thing for anyone other than Harley. There was a progression to these two becoming an item in this episode particularly, though it was all worth it for the humor in this guy who tries so hard and fails to realize just how out of his league he was from the start.

The audacity that a show like this could really have an episode drawing a line considering all the madness we have already been exposed to! DC Universe’s Harley Quinn “The Line” proved that they can do this and still get away with it because you have to cross that line to know where it is.

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